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Many students choose to continue their education after receiving their undergraduate degree. Some popular choices consist of Law School, Master's degrees in Political Science, Public Policy, Public Administration, or Urban Planning. In order to apply to graduate school, whether law or otherwise, it is necessary to take an entry exam, much like the SAT or ACT.

The Grad Cafe is a blog full of useful information about applying to graduate programs in a number of disciplines, including political science, law, and government affairs.

Take the GRE or LSAT the year before you want to apply! For many people, the best option is to take the GRE and LSAT in the Spring of their Junior year because you will want to retake it in June if you score is not what you hoped. Here's more information on when to take the exams as well as other helpful hints.

Tools to Prepare for...


Kaplan Test Prep - Classes as well as preparation books are available. Kaplan representatives are often on campus and host information events.

Tips for applying to Law School:

Talk to a mentor before you apply.

Take an internship to make sure you like it.

Apply to 9 schools (3 that may be out-of-reach, 3 safety schools, and 3 schools that accept 25%-75% of those that apply). You never know if you just might get into an out-of-reach school and the lower end schools may offer you a scholarship.


Kaplan Test Prep -  Kaplan also provides preparation courses and books for the GRE. Kaplan representatives are often on campus and can meet with you about pricing and other options to find a plan that works for you.

Princeton Review - Known for providing excellent preparation tools.

Magoosh - Online GRE preparation.

GoGrad - Guide to crushing the GRE.

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