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Internships in Political Science

Internships provide excellent practical experience that potential employers appreciate; they often help people select a future career. Internships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students, and students should select them with the help of their mentors.

The department offers a variety of types of internships. Interns may work in the offices of elected officials, at all levels from local to federal. During election years they may work on campaigns, or they may work in legislative offices. International internships are available, as internships focused on legal work or women leaders.

Please click on the link to the left titled Community Partner Sites for the listings of internship opportunities, which are under each of the four different categories: Campaigns-Electoral, Government Offices, Legal Offices and Organizations, and Non-Profits and Community Organizations.

Requirements for Undergraduate Interns
For a 3-credit internship, students will be expected to:

  • work 10 to 12 hours a week throughout the semester
  • write a daily or weekly journal involving a political critique of their experiences
  • write a 20-page essay after the internship is completed, in consultation with the faculty mentor directing the internship.

A six-credit internship will require twice as many hours and either two 20 page papers or one 40-page paper.

You can seek internships on your own. Have a transportation issue? The Center for Service and Civic Engagement has provided a map of possible sites in walkable distance, and another for those in a bikeable distance. Don't forget the Grand Street bus and the Metro!  You can also fill out a "Service Interest Form" telling them what you are looking for, and they will try to suggest some sites.  For more information, go to   Always notify your faculty mentor as soon as possible if you are trying to arrange an internship and please include your resume.

For more information on undergraduate internships
Contact Dr. Robert Strikwerda
McGannon Hall, Room 134

For more information on M.A. internships
Contact Dr. Robert Cropf
McGannon Hall, Room 154

The MPA Internship
An important part of the MPA program is the internship requirement for students who are not currently employed in an administrative position (In-service students). In-service students are not required to do an internship but some still find that doing one is a valuable professional development experience. Students typically do their internship after the first full year of coursework. Most internships occur in the summer but students can do one at any time of year. To satisfy the requirement, students must work a minimum of 160 contact hours over one semester or the summer. Most students typically work more than 160 hours. There is no waiver given for an internship except in the case of a student who is a graduate assistant in the program.

The MPA Director works with students to identify a suitable internship opportunity, which is typically done usually the semester before the internship. The internship program has been developed in cooperation with numerous governmental, nonprofit and private sector agencies, serving both the St. Louis region and various governmental units throughout the U.S. Recent interns have been placed with agencies in municipal government, East-West Gateway Coordinating Council, Beyond Housing (a nonprofit), Citizens for Missouri's Children (a nonprofit), and Grand Rock Community Economic Development Corp.

For more information on MPA internships
Contact Dr. Robert A. Cropf, Director, MPA Program
McGannon Hall, Room 154

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