Penny Weiss

Penny Weiss

Office: McGannon Hall, Room 137
Women's Studies Office: McGannon Hall, Room 143-B
Phone: 314.977.3619

Office Hours: Spring 2017- by appointment

Dr. Penny Weiss, Professor of Political Science and Director of Women's Studies at Saint Louis University, teaches and conducts research in political theory, including feminist theory. She joined the SLU faculty in 2008.

Education and background. Dr. Weiss received her B.A. from the University of South Florida and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Notre Dame. Before joining the faculty at SLU, she taught at Purdue University, Wake Forest University, and the University of South Carolina.

Teaching. Dr. Weiss teaches courses in women's studies and political theory, particularly feminist theory. She has also taught widely in the area of American politics.

Research. Dr. Weiss' research focuses on feminist theory and women political thinkers. Her most recent book, Canon Fodder: Women Political Thinkers (2009) reintroduces readers to female thinkers who have contributed key concepts in the history of political thought. Included are figures from Sei Shonagon, Christine de Pizan, and Mary Astell to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Anna Julia Cooper, and Emma Goldman. Dr. Weiss has also published Conversations with Feminism: Political Theory and Practice (1998) and Gendered Community: Rousseau, Sex, and Politics (1993). She co-edited books on Emma Goldman and feminism and community. In addition, she has published articles in the Journal of Political Philosophy, Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Feminist Teacher, Polity, and Political Theory. She is also author of a number of book chapters.

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