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The students in the Political Science department are a varied group. Some are interested in American politics; others yearn to learn about other areas of the world. Many undergraduates plan to attend law school; others dream of advanced work in political science or related fields. Some are planning for political careers; others hope to work for non-governmental organizations at home or abroad.

While at Saint Louis University, Political Science students join many clubs and often take leadership positions in school organizations, like the Student Government Association or the University News. Many students join the College Democrats or College Republicans, One World, or the Political Science club.

Political Science students often pursue internships that help them better understand their chosen careers. Many study abroad. Some of the best continue their study of Political Science in our accelerated M.A. program.

Graduates of the Political Science department undertake a variety of activities once they leave SLU. Some engage in further study: studying law, international affairs, urban planning, and many other subjects. Department graduates work in government, business, and non-profit organizations both in the United States and abroad.

Using the links to the left, look particularly at these profiles if you are interested in:

Work in government

Chad Kreikemeier

Law School

Theresa Chalhoub
Michael Harris
Daniel McGinnis

International careers

Sarika Gupta
Chad Kreikemeier
Katherine Krueger
Xinzhe "Quang" Zhang

Public opinion research

Courtney Anvender
Mary Slosar

Work in non-profit organizations

Molly Berendt

Emergency management

Alfredo Lagos

Further study

Sarika Gupta
Jennifer Mertens
Mary Slosar

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