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Archaeology Lab
Principal Investigator: Mary R. Vermilion, Ph.D.

The Archaeology Lab is located on the third floor of Morrissey Hall and provides an excellent workspace in which students can explore and contribute to the science of archaeology. Each semester, the lab provides hands-on opportunities for students to explore prehistoric and historic lithics, ceramics and other materials and to challenge their analytical skills as they participate in the Garbage Project. During the summer, the lab is the site for processing artifacts recovered from the summer's excavations. In addition to washing, sorting, and creating an inventory of the archaeological record, students learn to identify, sketch, and photograph the diagnostics and to analyze and interpret the remains.

In addition, students enrolled in a Research Activity, Advanced Independent Study, or Capstone course have access to the lab to work on research of their own or that of the principal investigator and have the opportunity to publish their research or to contribute to the excavation site reports. The lab computer is equipped with ArcGIS and is available for use by the students to implement their research.  The archaeology lab also affords opportunities for school groups and other members of the community to learn about our human past.

Archaeology Magazine picked up the story of our excavations this past summer.

Archaeological Field School 2014 Fingerhut Tract Excavations.