Saint Louis University


Geospatial Science Research and Innovation Lab (GeoSRI)
Principal Investigator: J.S. Onésimo Sandoval
 About the lab: The GeoSRI lab explores the intersection of spatial statistics, demography,
inequality, policy, and justice. Of special interest to the lab is the role that cutting-edge
geoinformatics and spaital analytics can play in exploring the relationship between quality
of life, social inequality, space, and justice.  Research projects include: Spatial Segregation
in American Cites, Latino Demography, Immigrant Mobility, Journey-To-Crime, Food Deserts,
Spatial Socio-Enviornmental Inequality Deprivation Indices, and Spatial Demographic Patterns
in American cities.

The GeoSRI Lab is located on the 3rd floor of Morrissey Hall. Students can strengthen their
educational and professional skills in the GeoSRI Lab as they learn to use cutting-edge research 
technology for computational spatial science.  The GeoSRI lab will provide students with a toolkit
of skills for academic and professional research.  Students that work in the GeoSRI lab will have
an enhanced understanding of computational spatial science for social, economic, and environmental


The department also offers a minor in GIS to all undergraduate students.

Students working on current research projects in the Lab:

Kaelin Bernier (Biology)

Renee Dunham (Sociology)

Melissa Garcia (Sociology)

Ryan Norrenberns (Sociology)

Abdalla Mohamed (Public and Social Policy)