Saint Louis University

Minor Requirements

The minor degree in Anthropology requires a minimum of 22 credit hours divided into the following two areas.

Required Foundational Courses (13 hours):
SOC 120      Introduction to Anthropology (3)
SOC 220      Cultural Anthropology (3)
SOC 221-01 Biological Anthropology (3)
SOC 221-36 Biological Anthropology Lab (1)
SOC 320      Contemporary Anthropological Theory (3)
(Note: SOC 221-01 and SOC 221-36 together count as one course and must be taken in the same semester)

In addition, students will select three courses from the following list:

Electives (a minimum of 9 hours)
SOC 118               World Geography (3)
SOC 224               Intro to Archaeology (3)
SOC 230               American Pop Culture (3)
SOC 260               Intro to Forensic Science (3)
SOC 261-01          Forensic Biology (3)
SOC 261-36          Forensic Biology Lab (1)
SOC 301               Quantitative Analysis (3)
SOC 302               Qualitative Analysis (3)
SOC 323               Gender and Society (3)
SOC 324               Anthropology of Sex & Gender (3)
SOC 325-01          Archaeological Field School (4)
SOC 325-36          Archaeological Lab Methods (2)
SOC 326               Peace and Conflict (3)
SOC 327               Environmental Anthropology (3)
SOC 328               Forensic Anthropology (3)
SOC 329               Native Peoples of North America (3)
SOC 336               Racial and Ethnic Relations (3)
SOC 343               Marriage and the Family (3)
SOC 350               Social Inequality (3)
SOC 424               Primate Social Behavior
SOC 454/554        Environmental Impact of the City (3)
SOC 461               Death Investigation (2)
SOC 293/393/493 Special Topics (3)
SOC 480               Undergraduate Research (3)
SOC 498               Advanced Independent Study (3)
(Note: SOC 261-01 and SOC 261-36 together count as one course and must be taken in the same semester)

TOTAL: 22 hours

It is strongly recommended that students, either independently or with a mentor's help, plan their coursework sequentially and accordingly. SOC 120 is a prerequisite for SOC 220 and SOC 221, and should be taken before any other courses in the Anthropology minor.

Students may transfer into the minor no more than 6 credit hours (equivalent to two courses), and transferred courses cannot both be in the same group.

Minor mentors, as well as the Departmental Chair, reserve the right to alter any of the above in consultation with each other for the benefit of the Anthropology minor or particular needs of the minor candidates.