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As many know, the role of the adjunct professor has become a serious problem in the modern American university. By some estimates, 75% of post-secondary instruction is done by adjuncts. In Theological Studies, not only do we find this pedagogically problematic but we also see this as an issue of justice. As a department in a Jesuit university, we cannot maintain our programs through adjuncts. We have therefore pursued strategies to reduce our reliance on adjuncts. Instead, we seek to use adjunct positions primarily as opportunities to train our doctoral students to become outstanding teachers. The remaining adjuncts are employed to plug holes in our program created by faculty taking research leaves or being assigned to other duties in the university.

For AY15, the Department has employed 11 adjuncts. Five are teaching as part of their funded Assistantship; two are doctoral students who are in the final stages of their program; and four are being employed to cover faculty who are on leave for research or have had their teaching loads reduced to complete other duties.

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