Saint Louis University

General Guidelines

Guidelines for Investigators in Preparation of Human Research Protocols for IRB Review

Case Reports 

Certificates of Confidentiality (NIH)

Closure of Human Subjects Research Studies 

Coded Private Information or Biological Specimens

Confidentiality Guidelines 

Consenting Guidelines (Who can obtain consent?)

Consent Do's and Don'ts 

Common Consent Process Errors and Corrective Actions 

Data Safety Monitoring for Human Subjects Research 

Deception and Incomplete Disclosure Guidelines

HIPAA Guidelines

LAR Guidelines 

New Faculty Guidelines

Post IRB Approval Submission Requirements 

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Research

Re-Consenting Subjects

Recruitment of Subjects for Research

Requirements for Reporting Events Relating to Subjects/Subject Safety 

Research Involving Non-SLU Researchers or Non-SLU Sites 

Scientific Review Guidelines for Investigator Initiated Studies 

Subject Accrual Policy  

Biomedical Research Guidelines

Emergency Use of Test Articles

Guidance for HIV Testing & Reporting  

Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) Submission Guidelines

IND/IDE Guidance 

IRB Fees for Review of Sponsored Trials

Radiation Safety Guidance

SLUCare Epic Research Charting Policy 

SLUCare Clinical Workflow: Documentating Research Encounters in Epic

Behavioral/Educational Research Guidelines

Educational Assessment

Decision Trees and Checklists

 See "Investigator Resources" Page of the IRB Website

Vulnerable Population Guidelines

Guidelines For Research Involving Adults Unable to Provide Consent (New)

Guidelines for Research Involving Minors (Revised)

Guidelines for Research Involving Neonates (New)

Guidelines for Research Involving Pregnant Women and Fetuses (New)

Guidelines for Research Involving Non-English Speaking Subjects (Revised)

Guidelines for Research Involving Prisoners (Revised)

Guidelines for Research Involving Students & Employees (New) 


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