Resources for International Students

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Resources for International Students

Saint Louis University has many resources available to help international students feel at home on campus:

  • ESL Student Handbook: provides important information about the policies and procedures students follow as members of the ESL Program. 
  • English Language Center: provides writing services to non-native speakers of English in the Saint Louis University community. The English Language Center works with any international student, undergraduate or graduate, who wishes to seek assistance.
  • ESL Testing Fee: ESL students who take the Saint Louis University Paper-based TOEFL and/or the Saint Louis University Writing Exam (SLUWE) must pay the ESL Testing Fee ($40) prior to taking the exam. 
  • Placement Tests: SLUWE and TOEFL
  • English Through Service: provides students opportunities to expand their English skills through active participation in the St. Louis community  
  • Office of International Services: provides visa support, orientation sessions, an international student lounge and cultural events.
  • Host Family Program: matches international students with a SLU alumnus, faculty or staff member, who meets the student monthly to learn about American culture and customs while practicing speaking English.

For more information, view the International Student Handbook here.

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