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Research Intensive English Concentration / English Honors


Director: Jennifer Rust, Ph.D.

Course Catalog Description of the Research Intensive English Concentration
(Effective beginning Fall 2017)

English majors with sophomore status or above may apply for our selective Research Intensive English (RIE) concentration. This concentration within the English major, which admits a maximum cohort of 12 students per academic year, offers opportunities for pursuing literary and rhetorical studies in smaller, more rigorous settings. All Research Intensive English students must take at least 2 Research Intensive English seminars (while maintaining a 3.5 or higher GPA in English). To complete the RIE concentration successfully, students must complete either ENGL 4990: Senior Honors Project or an additional Research Intensive English seminar after achieving senior status. Students who complete these requirements will graduate with the Research Intensive English designation, and will leave our program well prepared for advanced study in English.

General Requirements
The concentration requires that all Research Intensive English students complete at least two (2) Research Intensive English seminars (ENGL 4XXX). Research Intensive English seminars will be 4000-level English courses designated with a "Research Intensive English" attribute. The final requirement of the RIE concentration must be fulfilled with one (1) of the following options:

1. Completion of ENGL 4990: Senior Honors Project after achieving senior status. ENGL 4990 is a research and writing requirement that students enter into individually, guided by a faculty mentor. The student must submit a formal project proposal with faculty mentor approval to the Director of the Research Intensive English concentration the semester before enrolling in ENGL 4990.


2. Completion of an additional 4000-level Research Intensive English seminar after achieving senior status. 

RIE Concentration Description and Senior Honors Project Guidelines
RIE Senior Project Description / Proposal Form

Research Intensive English

Senior Honors Project

2016-2017 Abstrcts

Valerie Guempel
The Sexuality of Sherlock Holmes

Joanna Boyd
"A disease beyond practice": Shakespeare's Debilitated Scotland in Lady Macbeth

Emily Win
The Voice of Woman: Uncovering Womanhood of the 1860s and 1960s

Maysa Daoud
The Importance of Being Earnest: Breaking Parameters of Publication and Perception

Claire Peterson
The Ethics and Poetics of Witness

2015-2016 Abstracts

Renatta Gorski
"Are the Gods Not Just?": A Critical Analysis of Rene Girard and C.S. Lewis

Michelle Rabe
"The Invisible Authorial Hand: Venture Capital Realism"

Claire Nist
"Shakespeare's Hysterical Murder"

Kevin (KJ) Schaeffner
"99% Inaudible"

Shreya Walia
"A Life Underneath: Finding ‘Character' Under ‘Caricature'"

Victor Huskey
"Tracing the Sun"

2014-2015 Abstract

Chester Yap
More in "It" than in I: Isherwood's Vision of Queer Identity

2013-2014 Abstracts

Bridget Bergin
Wilde's Marginal Philosophy: Aesthetic Morality from "Notebook on Philosophy" to The Picture of Dorian Gray

Adam Cruz
Coming of Age in a Lost Generation: Nick Adams, Ernest Hemingway, and the American Bildungsroman Tradition

Robert Kopfensteiner
"He Went Through the Floor"



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