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CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction)

Director:  Nathaniel Rivers
Graduate Assistants: Heather Witcher, Geoff Brewer, Emily Tuttle 
Undergraduate Student Assistant:  
Phone: 314-977-3014 Email:

Opened in 1999, the CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) lab provides an interactive and versatile educational environment. Students and instructors are provided access to tools such as Microsoft Office, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Image Styler, MOOs, and Internet access. Such computer tools provide invaluable experience in research methods, source evaluation, new and varied forms of communication, and computer-based methods of writing. Additionally, the lab has audio and video equipment for producing new media compositions. The lab can be used to enhance traditional modes of writing pedagogy by creating an environment where new methods of prewriting, drafting, and revising abound.

Starting in 2014, the director of the lab (Dr. Nathaniel Rivers) will be available to instructors and faculty alike for Technology Consultations. Dr. Rivers will meet and work with any faculty member wishing to incorporate more media options into their courses. This work can include assignment design, tutorials, and, when necessary, technology purchases. To schedule a Consultation, please contact Dr. Rivers at

The CAI lab also offers two certificate programs. For more information, please consult the Director (

Certificate in Computer-Assisted Instruction
Requires attendance to four CAI presentations (or two CAI presentations and two computer-oriented presentations from the Center for Teaching Excellence), and displayed proficiency in use of the computer lab in writing pedagogy.

Trainer Certificate: Computer-Assisted Instruction
Recipient of this certificate has displayed comprehensive knowledge in certain computer applications and has taught seminars on specified applications to faculty, graduate students, and others.

  • 40 MacBook Pros (available to students while in Des Peres Hall, 206, 208, 212, and 216) 
  • 20 ZOOM Q2 HD audio/video recorders with tripods, wind guards, and cables (available for 24 hour check-out) 6 Flipcams (available for 24 hour check-out) 
  • 1 portable video projector and screen (available to faculty only)
  • 20 iPad Minis with Otter Box cases (available only after consultation with director)
  • 2 iPads 3rd Generation (available only after consultation with director)


  • VGA cables and Mac converters
  • Clickers for PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

Des Peres Hall 216 Work Space

  • Workspace for up to four students (students must make reservations for 1 hour blocks)
  • 2 HP Color Laser Jet Printers (color printed restricted)
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