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Saint Louis University Environmental Science Degree Overview 

Saint Louis University's undergraduate degree in environmental science will develop your understanding of Earth's natural systems and their interconnections with human society. The program is designed help you thoroughly understand the geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere before focusing on sub-disciplines such as human population growth or climate change.

If you choose to major in environmental science at SLU, you'll have full access to the resources of the University's Earth and atmospheric sciences department, including excellent computer and research laboratories, departmental field trips, and internship opportunities.

You will also have the option of participating in a capstone project designed to provide you with a real-world perspective on concepts you learn in class. In addition, you may choose to participate in faculty research projects, many of which include funding specifically to support the participation of undergraduate students.

What You'll Learn in SLU's Environmental Science Program

All students entering SLU's environmental science program are required to complete a core set of courses that will provide you with a rigorous introduction to the environmental sciences. You'll then choose a specialized track for more advanced instruction in a specific discipline.

SLU offers both a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts degree in environmental science. If you are interested in pursuing graduate school in environmental science or in working as environmental scientist, consider the B.S. degree. If you want to pursue an advanced professional degree, or are interested in the public policy associated with environmental science, consider the B.A. degree.

What Can You Do With an Environmental Science Degree from SLU?

Demand for graduates with a comprehensive knowledge of natural systems and their interactions is already strong and projected to increase in the face of greater public awareness of the influence of humans on the natural environment.

With judicious planning, SLU's environmental science program can serve as excellent preparation for graduate degrees in medicine, the sciences, law and other disciplines where a strong background in environmental science is desirable.  

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