eProcurement Project

About the eProcurement Project

Business Services has researched many eProcurement solutions with the goal of simplifying the purchasing and payment processes at Saint Louis University. As a result, Saint Louis University has opted to move forward with Unimarket due to their competitive pricing model, user-friendly platform, and exceptional customer service and technical support.

Unimarket is a multi-tenant, SaaS-based source-to-settle solution which was designed from the outset for ease of use by a diverse range of buyers across decentralized institutions, while also providing robust functionality for the needs of purchasing and accounts payable/finance. There are no restrictions to the number of users, suppliers, transactions or spend going through the system. The Unimarket solution is completely scalable.

Project Goals

To implement a user-friendly eProcurement solution that results in more effective management of the University's resources. Unimarket's secure, cloud-based procurement solution will deliver:

  • A simplified and streamlined buy and pay process
  • Point and click product selection for the most frequently purchased goods at SLU
  • An improved shopping/approval experience
  • Time savings at the department level
  • Enhanced spend visibility for purchase orders
  • Access to spend data to allow for fact-based negotiations with suppliers
  • Visibility of contracted pricing for preferred vendors
  • Comparison shopping capabilities
  • Real-time integration with Banner

Contact Information

Anne Becker
Business Services
Business & Finance Project Lead
Phone: (314) 977-1455
Email: abecke20@slu.edu

Business Services Mission Statement

The mission of Purchasing is to effectively manage, administer, and coordinate procurement processes throughout the Organization. We are committed to successfully managing our vendors and contracts to maximize the value for each dollar expended in order to benefit the entire University community. Our goal is to obtain the highest quality goods and services at the lowest reasonable costs while adding value. We strive to provide exceptional customer service to our internal customers.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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