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FM:Interact Support Services

Facilities Data Management provides support for the FM:Interact work order system. Support services that are provided include:

  • Floor plan print outs
  • Reports 
  • Visual map access

If support is needed, use the Facilities Service Request button.


Featured Projects

The department handles the coordination of renovation and new construction projects for Saint Louis University. We take great pride in preserving the historic buildings we have on campus through adaptive reuse, updating and modifying spaces for the modern student, and constructing new buildings when necessary to fit our campus' needs. Some of our most recent projects can be viewed here. Details are provided for each project, including photos and sustainability features. 


Project Request 

Departments may request of us a wide variety of project types and services. To determine if your project idea is appropriate for our project request process, please review the Available Services List.

For those projects that meet these criteria, please complete step I and use our Request for Estimate. The Project Request Approval Process illustrates how project requests move from concept to construction.

Construction Services utilizes the Billiken Construction Crew (BCC) for all minor demolition, carpentry, floor finishing, and painting. This in-house crew functions as its own general contractor on specified projects for cost avoidance. Based on the nature and scope of the project request, an internal review will determine if the BCC will be used. 

The Construction Services department is committed to providing the high quality services. To achieve this, we need your department to take these responsibilities throughout the project process:

  • Decision making: You need to assign someone to the project team. This person should have high level decision making authority and access to all parties required to make final budget and program decisions.
  • Architect and contractor relationships: The Project Manager is the sole administrator for construction and improvement contracts. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the performance or activities of contractors to the assigned Project Manager. No one else can give direction to contractors.
  • Construction disruptions and inconveniences: We take all prudent efforts to reduce or eliminate construction-related inconveniences to occupants and visitors. But some are unavoidable. We ask you to keep your staff informed of the reality that some inconveniences are inevitable.


Space Planning & Request

Physical space is one of SLU's largest resources. Our space inventory management system (FM:Interact) catalogs this space to produce quick, graphical drawings and reports.

This web-based system allows department and executive administrators to access Facilities related information from nearly anywhere.

Construction Servuces supports the entire Facilities Services Division and the University community with these services:

  • Collecting, recording, and organizing information about the University's physical plant, including the use of computer-aided drafting and design to produce visual representations of data
  • Providing technology tools that make this data accessible and ease communications about University property
  • Using the information in performing analyses, particularly space planning and forecasting

Departments may request the use of vacant space by completing a Request for Space Allocation form and submitting it to the department of Facilities Data Management.  All requests are reviewed by Facilities Services and the University Space Committee.  See Space Allocation Guidelines for complete instructions. For more information, please review our Space Standards.


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