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Facilities Services supports the use of environmentally and socially preferable products wherever possible through the balance of economic feasibility and environmental responsibility. We support services and companies with strong commitments to sustainability.

Our Recommendations:

  • Cleaning products with GreenSeal or EcoLabel Certified (just like Custodial Services does)

  • Sustainable Office Cleaning Products Guide

  • Office Supplies - Staples Shop Green Products 

  • Printer and copier paper that's 30-100 percent recycled content

  • Recycled content paper products

  • Cutlery, plates, cups, etc. that are recyclable, compostable and/or biodegradable 

  • ENERGY STAR appliances and computers 

  • Energy saving lamps and ballasts

  • EPEAT silver or gold computers 

  • Purchase from University preferred vendors  

  • Contact Distribution Services for Office Furniture Reuse


Our Practices:

Green Cleaning Green Seal cleaning products& Sanitation Products 

  • Green Seal cleaning products - Our contract specifies green chemicals and associated pricing. These chemicals were selected based on efficacy and our goal to be as green as possible. 

    • Green Seal certifies products based on lifecycle sustainability standards and recognized as a Type-I Eco-label. The EPA advocates for use of Green Seal cleaning products.

    • Custodial Services is actively involved in using Green Seal certified products, with the aim of increasing the amount of certified products over time. 

    • The following is a list of green cleaning product vendors used on campus: Claire Manufacturing, Diversey, GOJO industries, PITT Plastics, SCA, and GP.

    • Green cleaning policy

  • Custodial Services uses 100% recycled fiber Tork© (towel, tissue and napkin) paper products certified by EcoLogoTM - the "Environmental Choice"

    • Eco LogoStickers can be found on some restroom dispensers across campus

    • The EcoLogoTM program is a product certification program that is recognized as a Type-I Eco-label by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), certifying environmental leaders using sustainable products. To receive certification, products are compared to others within specific categories and scientifically tested by relevant criteria throughout their lifecycle.


  • GreenGuard certification for indoor air quality 

    • Custodial Services has partnered with Johnson Diversey to implement the Healthy High Performance Cleaning program (products, tools and procedures

    •  Because of this program, 6 buildings on campus have received GreenGuard certification (BSC, DuBourg Hall, McDonnell Douglas Hall and the Wool Center)  

    • The GreenGuard program, overseen by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute, is an indGreen Guardoor air quality certification that incorporates the Standard for Cleaning Products and Systems.  

    • Certification can only be obtained if the cleaning products used in the building have  met the strict criteria for chemical emissions limits. Building audits are done to ensure that the cleaning products, training  and systems are being utilized appropriately and effectively.


Vendor Sustainability 


Saint Louis University's paper & cleaning products vendor.  Xpedx is our distributor for products from both, SCA and Sealed Air-Diversey Care. 


SCA Tissue believes in a holistic approach to sustainability, using a closed loop manufacturing system to consider the product lifecycle every step of the way, even beginning the paper manufacturing process from 100% recycled fiber. 

Sealed Air-Diversey Care

Saint Louis University works with Sealed Air-Diversey Care to increase building management satisfaction, improve cleaning efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products and practices.


Office products supplier of Facilities Services.



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