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Utility Infrastructure Updates

Saint Louis University is currently undergoing a campus-wide utility infrastructure project. The table below will be updated as new information is available to keep the campus community aware of affected areas and project status.

Construction Updates

Weeks of 09/01/19 - 10/31/19
  • Mobilization and fence set up

  • Removing and hauling off spoils

  • Installing new pathways

  • Most of the construction work will be south of Dubourg near Grand Boulevard and West Pine Mall

Campus Map

Weeks of 8/25/19 - 8/31/19
  • Landscaping will be ongoing throughout the West Pine Mall area from Grand Boulevard to Shannon Hall then heading south from Shannon Hall to Laclede Avenue.
  • Concrete curbs and sidewalks in and around the Marchetti Towers and Grand Forest Apartments' (St. Peters Lot) parking lots will be completed.
  • Moving dirt and landscaping south of Fitzgerald Hall and west of Oliver Hall by an existing substation.

Campus Map

Weeks of 8/18/19 - 8/24/19
  • Walkways are closed are located east of Grand Boulevard, primarily around Busch Student Center and the area that houses Shannon, Macelwane, and Monsanto halls. (See map for reference.)
  • Construction of the substation is underway and will be complete at the end of October.
  • As the construction finishes up east of Grand Boulevard, we are finalizing the plan areas to the west.  Additional details and maps will be provided in the upcoming weeks that will show sidewalk shutdowns and pathways for pedestrian travel.

  • More information about sidewalk closures on the northern side of campus is available here.
Weeks of 2/11/19 - 8/17/19

Substation Limits and Surrounding Areas

  • Work associated with the substation continues (only within the limits of the construction fence).
Week 2/01/2019 - 2/08/2019

Substation Limits and Surrounding Areas

  • Work associated with the south corner of the Grand Forest parking lot will continue, and the fenced area will remain. Access to south Grand Forest parking is only possible through Grand Forest lot.
  • Work continues within substation limit fencing.


  • Installation of duct banks will be planned to cross over Laclede Phase I and II and Vista Switch Pads are planned to be installed. Expect additional traffic and heavy equipment along Laclede Avenue east of Theresa Avenue. Pedestrian traffic should be aware of walkways and obey them, as equipment will be working in the area.
  • Work associated with duct banks traveling on the west side of Theresa Avenue (Phase III) is intended to begin. This includes excavation equipment and dump trucks entering through Theresa Avenue off Laclede Avenue. Pedestrian foot traffic should avoid walking up Theresa Avenue and travel west of this area to avoid construction traffic.

West Campus

  • Construction personnel and equipment will be in the area. The main areas of focus include the following:
  • Parking Lot South of Des Peres Hall 
    ·   Site utility identification/reviews.Additional construction personnel will be in the area.
    ·   Utility locating via hydro excavation.
    ·   Saw cutting/paving removals.
  • Alleyway south of Brouster, Bannister and Adorjan Halls
    ·   Work will begin to be investigated and utilities located.
    ·   Hydro excavation work will commence to identify paths.
    ·   Further logistic plans will be put in place prior to mobilizing these areas.
Week 1/28/2019 - 2/01/2019

Map of Substation Limits and Surrounding Areas

  • Please park only where a parking bumper is placed. Cars have been parking outside of established parking spots and have been moved/ticketed.
  • The Ameren vault and boring operation is in planning. This area could begin to be fenced off this week, requiring students to flow from the Marchetti parking lot into the Grand Forest parking lot. Access to the south parking of Grand Forest will be also minimized to one lane to allow for the Ameren vault to be set. In addition, some parking spots will need to be taken out of use to allow for excavation.
  • Work is expected to begin within the fenced area of the substation limits, including footing excavations, concrete placement and hauling.


  • Continuedhydroexcavation of duct bank paths will continue. Focus areas include: 
      • Laclede Avenue east of Theresa Avenue within the orange barriers.
      • Laclede Avenue west of Theresa Avenue – The area will be hydro excavated in Theresa. Laclede Avenue will be brought down to one lane and will be coordinated with BSI. Pedestrian traffic will need to be aware of coned off areas and look for sidewalks to be impacted in the near future as utilities are brought across them.
      • Theresa Avenue – Hydro excavation will continue up the western curb along Theresa Avenue. Theresa Avenue will be one lane while this operation is in process. An orange snow fence will be used to barricade the excavations.
      • There are plans to begin installation of concrete duct banks within the fenced area south of Laclede in the near future. Be aware of moving equipment entering into the construction entrance at Laclede Avenue and south Theresa Avenue.
      • Excavation of the existing broken sewer line may also begin. This will close down access via  the ramp to East Marchetti.
      • A concrete area off stairs just south of Monsanto will be removed for excavations. Please use caution and obey fencing/signage.
Weeks of 1/14/2019 - 1/27/2019

Map of Substation Limits and Surrounding Areas

  • Work is commencing north of  the substation (directly east of Marchetti East) by the facilities ramp.
  • Work is starting to cross Laclede Avenue where sidewalks and traffic will be impacted. Crews could be working both days and nights.
  • Substation work will continue and pick up more heavily in the fenced area south of Marchetti.

North of Substation Limits

  • Hydro excavation will continue through the phase I duct bank followed by mechanical
    excavation of this area. Limits will be kept within the grass area, and within fenced off
  • Installation of conduit will follow excavations, as room allows, as well as concrete/backfill
  • The southern sidewalk will be removed during this time to allow for the duct bank install. Signs will
    be placed east and west of this sidewalk to notify closure.
  • Hydro excavate north of Laclede along Theresa: The truck will sit along western curb to
    allow traffic to remain flowing through Theresa.
  • Installation of duct bank along west half of Theresa: The current plan is to barricade sections
    of this run off and work with in the fenced area.
  • Excavate Ameren duct bank towards Vista Switch
  • Install east/west duct bank along Laclede to Vista Switch, potential shift work to complete this
    scope to not impact Theresa.

Substation Limits and Surrounding Areas

  • Site fencing will remain in place around the substation limits. Traffic will be monitored
    and signage will be placed to control the shared contractor/student path.
  • Hydro excavate the remainder of the Ameren duct bank to the north, continue
    excavating/installing Ameren conduits. Work will take place within fenced areas.

Map of Parking Lot Logistics

  • Areas in green will be parking for students.
  • The area in yellow is a shared route that both construction and students will be utilizing. With that said, we will place proper signage to create a four-way stop at this intersection to make crossing traffic stop to allow students to cross as well as incoming traffic. This will have to be a monitored area during heavy hauling days.
  • The area in red is a zone where trucks will be getting off Laclede and can be used to stage in lieu of staging on Laclede. This area will be fenced off and only construction access will be entering and the gate will be locked at end of our work day to not allow people to enter the lot without proper parking passes. Another item to note within this area is that we will be performing continued duct bank installs, hence it will be necessary to fully fence the area off.
Week of 12/31/18 - 1/4/19
  • Installation of temporary lighting for both North Marchetti and Grand Forest lots.
  • Installation of granular for the new lots. Will include moving of materials on site as well as delivery of granular fill materials through the construction gate.
  • Installation of parking bumpers at both lots.
  • Begin demolition within the substation limits.
Week of 12/24/18 - 12/28/18
  • Sawcut and remove paving/concrete at Grand Forest pool area and North Marchetti lots.
    Work will begin 12/24. Heavier truck traffic will occur during this week to remove debris. Trucks will use the temporary construction gate entrance.
  • Site grading of the new North Marchetti lot and Grand Forest lots. Includes heavy equipment moving materials and hauling materials into the site via construction gate entrance.
  • Installation of electrical conduits north of the substation. Will include excavation via equipment and hauling or locating excess materials.
Week of 12/17/18 - 12/21/18
  • Temporary site fencing will be placed around the two new lots. This includes temporary construction gate to be installed at the south drive and Laclede Avenue. This work will commence on 12/17 where it does not impact students.
  • Equipment mobilization for demolition activities. Equipment deliveries will not begin until 12/19 after students have vacated areas.
  • Grand Forest pool and pool house demolition will begin starting 12/19.
  • Pavement removals and duct banks will begin from the north end of the substation limits and be installed headed north toward Laclede Avenue. Starting 12/19.
  • Miscellaneous site removals in and around the future substation location begin 12/20.