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Many courses can lead to global inquiry, and a global perspective can be applied to any discipline.  Thus, the Global Gateway Program does not provide a list of required or recommended courses.  Rather, students are encouraged to look for courses that offer some of the following characteristics to help in producing artifacts to meet GGP requirements and achieve program learning outcomes.

1. Courses that have trans-national or intercultural dimensions, and contribute to the awareness of other peoples' worldviews and practices.

2. Courses devoted to various aspects of the process of globalization, and to the global interconnectedness of diverse peoples.

3. Courses that cover the pluralism of cultures and societies across the world, and thus raise awareness that one's own cultural assumptions are not universal, and that, globally speaking, everyone is both a local and a stranger.

4. Courses that cover conflict, prejudice, and ethnocentricity in relations between different groups, societies, ethnicities and cultures.

5. Courses that cover cases of peaceful encounters between distinct groups by means of mutual adaptations and by finding common ground.

6. Courses that cover cross-cultural transfers and cultural hybridity, such as those that take place by means of technology, mass media, or business.

7. Courses that deal with intercultural communication skills.

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