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GrowingSLU Program Winners

The GrowingSLU advisory committee is excited to announce that there are 11 projects that are being nominated to move forward with the implementation of their business plans, starting this spring. The committee was very impressed by the quality of plans that were submitted, and all teams are being asked to meet with the Innovation department to discuss next steps. The summaries shown below were provided by individual teams or authors for each idea during the idea and/or business plan development process. 

Idea name Summary Request Year 1 net income Year 3 net income Total 3-year net income
1818: International "Since the inception of IAUC the dual credit accrediting body has allowed expansion into international countries. It makes sense not to reinvent the wheel, but expand the reach of the 1818 ACC Program since best practices, guidelines, and standards are already set, practiced and enforced by 1818. This project would provide funding for visits to potential secondary school partners in China, India, and Southeast Asia where initial interest was quite strong in addition to Belize, where conversations have started with the Jesuit high school there. In the event an international school could not provide qualified faculty, the course could be delivered on-line by SLU faculty, with students receiving on-site support from local teachers utilizing an early college co-facilitator model." TBD $2,195.00 $6,390.00 $12,780.00
1818 Project Lead the Way "Saint Louis University becomes an official sponsor and partner with Project Lead the Way through the 1818 ACC Program Office and begins to work with local high schools in implementing the program for college credit through dual credit and credit by exam." $250.00 $9,000.00 $17,750.00 $39,875.00
1818 Summer Dual Enrollment "By using the existing Visiting Young Scholar model, which is operated and overseen by the 1818 ACC Program, we can increase enrollment into the program in two ways. First is aligning our dual enrollment programs with the market cost and the state of Missouri's recently published guidelines on eligibility for dual credit/dual enrollment. Second, this will allow returning 1818 students to utilize their $65 per credit hour cost to take summer courses. The Academy is a re-envisioning for the VYS Program in the summer. It provides an intensive college ready experience for qualified high school students. The experience includes on-campus living, exposure to SLU as a college option, an admissions presentation, orientation to the University and program, the experience of meal plans, access to the library, the recreation center and fun summer events - both on and off-campus, all while they have the opportunity to enroll in summer courses with undergraduate students at a reduced tuition rate."
$19,150.00 $76,350.00 $163,100.00 $361,400.00
Alumni email "Offer permanent email addresses or something equivalent for our graduates. Our students are proud to have studied at SLU and should be able to use our gmail account even if it has to be tweaked (e.g., Many schools do this already.  It is also a great way to keep in contact with our grads with SLU news and for fundraising." $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Assessment Center "The SOE at SLU plans to establish a Diagnostic and Learning Assessment Clinic for Students (DLACS). The overall mission of the DLACS is to provide interdisciplinary training and assessment opportunities for SLU students while serving local private and public school districts, and the SLU community." $200,000.00 ($71,812.00) $125,542.00 $62,633.00
High School Code Camps "The university should begin intensive coding camps for elementary through high school students both regionally and nationally where there is an emphasis on computational thinking.   These camps could be year round or intensive summer retreats or both.  The students should be encouraged to return each year for progressively more advanced training.  These academies would be highly effective recruiting tools for the university as well as a source of revenue.  Promising apps, games, etc. should be identified and assistance provided by mentors for development, implementation, and marketing, thereby providing another potential source of revenue.  A review of current programs in computer science should be undertaken to ensure relevance, practicality, and perhaps even certificates not requiring a four year degree leading to proficiency and potential job prospects.  An endowment should be created to fund underprivileged children thereby engaging and providing a service to the community." $0.00 $56,000.00 $87,500.00 $213,500.00
Round Up! SLU "Garner new revenue by enabling customers at all Point of Sales locations within the SLU campus to 'round up' their purchases with a donation to SLU.  Any visitor, student, faculty or staff member who makes a purchase at a SLU bookstore, coffee shop, food vendor, or  Chaifetz , can make an instant, easy-on-the-wallet donation to SLU.   Round Up!: 1) encourages individual participation toward a larger, community goal; 2) fosters and celebrates a spirit of philanthropy; 3) provides measurable results that can leverage external support." $3,000.00 $15,250.00 $23,280.00 $57,430.00
Secure Storage for Big Data "SLUCOR proposes to provide an analytics service to corporations with self-insured employer-sponsored health plans. The subscription-like service will enable monthly monitoring of health plan performance and support executive decision-making regarding cost, access, and quality. SLUCOR will accept monthly data feeds of medical and pharmacy claims data (supplied by the employer's health plan administrator) and supply to clients standardized monthly reports that measure performance, visualize trends, and assess risks. SLUCOR anticipates generating additional revenue from client requests for customized analyses that address specific evaluation questions that are beyond the scope of the standard performance reports."
$100,000.00 ($32,200.00) $94,472.00 $68,272.00
Student Businesses: Billiken Ventures "Billiken Ventures is an on-campus student-run business that will offer opportunities for students to start, manage, and grow actual companies. Billiken Ventures will be the parent company of several smaller companies with direct objectives." $102,064.00 $25,344.11 $180,459.76 $300,260.53
Technology Transfer "The Center for World Health & Medicine's mission is to develop new therapies for rare and neglected diseases. We have been successfully advancing numerous projects and would like to propose the Center and SLU spin out an 'Umbrella Company' to further advance lead drug candidates into clinical trials. The Umbrella Company would provide the opportunity for additional funding streams via SBIR grants and future licensing and royalty payments back to SLU through IP agreements to the company." $55,000.00 ($55,000.00) $195,000.00 $210,000.00
Trash to Treasure "Each year, the Center for Service and Community Engagement plans the Trash To Treasure Program, which allows students moving out of the residence halls at the end of the year to donate materials they no longer need (furniture, appliances, clothes, etc.)  The St. Vincent de Paul Society picks up the donations, giving $750 for each large truck filled.   For this idea, we propose (working with Facilities, Housing and Residence Life, and other departments) to install permanent donation locations (provided by St. Vincent de Paul) around campus.  Students, faculty, and staff can bring items to these locations (which are equipped with sensors to let SVDP know when they are full), and then SVDP can pick up materials.  SVDP then pays SLU per pound of materials collected.  This not only generates revenue, but furthers environmental sustainability as well as helps SVDP accomplish their mission of helping the poor." $0.00 $5,540.00 $13,600.00 $29,840.00

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