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COVID-19 Livestreams

Saint Louis University has held several virtual town halls and Facebook Live Q&As to address your questions regarding the return to campus this fall.

The following videos are a snapshot of the best information available to us at the time but are subject to change. Please check back for new information as it becomes available and review our health advisory page for the latest updates. 

August 26 SGA Town Hall

Saint Louis University's 33rd President, Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., SGA President Joseph Reznikov and other University leaders participated in a special student-facing panel as part of 2020 Fall Welcome activities. This event also livestreamed on SGA's Facebook page.

It may be helpful to viewers to use the following timestamps to locate content of interest to them:

  • :45 - Opening Remarks
  • 6:20 - Decision to resume in-person learning and instruction this fall.
  • 12:55 - What would cause the University to do a full pivot to remote instruction.
  • 19:36 - Plans to release information regarding positive cases.
  • 23:06 - Consequences of Violations of expectations outlined in the Campus Commitment.
  • 31:22 - Ways for students to encourage their peers to make COVID-safe decisions.
  • 33:17 - Reporting/sharing concerns regarding compliance with the University’s guidelines and policies? 34:30 - SLU’s support for STL's Black and brown communities who are disproportionately affected by COVID-19.
  • 39:43 - Clarification on the University’s guidance about in-person events.
  • 47:18 - Support for SLU’s employees as the campus has reopened.
  • 50:44 - Dining hours on campus
  • 52:03 - SLU's Trio and SS program.
  • 53:30 - SLU’s support of the St. Louis community during COVID-19
  • 57:20 - Final remarks

August 20 Back to SLU Town Hall

August 10 Back to SLU Town Hall

Note on the Aug. 10 Town Hall:
We have edited out a conversation among our leaders about how SLU will accommodate students who, for medical reasons, cannot wear a mask on campus. Our approach for handling these situations is still being discussed, and we do not want to create any confusion about a discussion versus a decision.

August 5 Back to SLU Town Hall


July 22 Billiken Parent and Family Association Facebook Group Livestream