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On-Campus Experience

By living in our residential communities, students are not only supported in their academic pursuits, but are also challenged to grow as individuals who will be successful in assuming their civic responsibilities after their Saint Louis University experience. Developing relationships with peers is vital to many students' success at college. The staff within the Department of Housing and Residence Life is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to get to know and learn from one another. Providing educational experiences that engage students in dialogue is the foundation of our residential experience. Through community experiences, Hall Council events, learning community participation and individual conversations with the Housing and Residence Life staff, community meetings, community standards, learner services, and roommate agreements students are challenged to develop in their understanding of themselves and others, and the impact of their actions on others.

Discussing cultural differences helps students to expand their understandings of others, eventually leading to mutual appreciation and celebration of differences. Sharing personal stories of academic accomplishment helps students to succeed in college. A hallmark of our residential experience lies in the conversations that occur around the community standards process. Upon arriving or returning to the residence halls/apartments, our students have the opportunity in their communities to engage in open discussion amongst their peers on how they will live together as a trusting and respectful community. Whether our students are new first-year students or returning seniors, we are committed to providing them with an environment that inspires intellectual inquiry and reflection, fosters safety and wellness, exhibits good citizenship and ethical leadership, celebrates diversity and multiculturalism, and supports personal and community growth.

Housing and Residence Life engages in numerous educational initiatives designed to impact students, faculty, and staff in a positive manner. From fostering residence hall climates conducive to academic success and student leadership development to promoting a bias-free campus environment, Housing and Residence Life is committed to challenging community members to grow in their understanding of themselves and others and to be academically successful at Saint Louis University. Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing an intentional living experience that fosters the growth and development of students. Involving students, faculty, and staff in the learning process, Housing and Residence Life strives to engage students in dialogue, interaction, and perspective-taking, continuously challenging students to increase their understanding of the world in which they live.

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