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Grand Forest Apartments

Grand Forest Apartments are located on the east side of campus housing close to 200 students. Grand Forest is a primarily junior and senior year student area. Grand Forest apartments house many of the student athletes on campus and is a short walk from the Busch Student Center and Chaifetz Arena.

Grand Forest Apartments
Unit Features Property Features

Air-Conditioned Apartment

Full Kitchen


Coffee Table

Dining Room Table & Chairs




Laundry in Basement of Each Building

Community Office in Building 34

24-Hour Desk Service at Marchetti Towers East

Unit Options with Balcony or Patio

Outdoor Quad Space with Patio and Grills




Property Description

Property Type: Single Gender Apartments, Mixed Gender Buildings

Room Type: Single and Double Sharing Apartment; total 3 or 4 occupants

Bathroom Format: Private

Total Units: 198 Occupancy

Total Buildings: 21 Buildings of Residence

  • One Graduate Hall Coordinator,a part-time master's degree in progress, live-in staff member
  • Three Resident Advisors, undergraduate student leaders
  • One Assistant Hall Coordinator, an undergraduate student leader
  • One Campus Minister, full-time, live-in staff member


Grand Forest Apartments Quad Interior
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