Saint Louis University

The Griesedieck Complex is the largest building on campus and primarily houses first-year and sophomore residents. Forming a "U" shape, the halls of Clemens, Walsh, and Griesedieck all share a common lobby area with a smart classroom and student lounge. Attached to the ground floor is the Griesedieck Dining Hall.

Griesedieck Complex
Unit Features Property Features

Window Unit Air-Conditioning

Cable Ready





Sink and Medicine Cabinet
available on all floors in Clemens and
Griesedieck and on floors 1-4 of Walsh



Elevators in Tower

Community Laundry Room

Community Kitchen

Two 24-Hour Security Desks

Technology Capable Seminar Room

Community Tutoring & Study Room

Bike Storage Outside of Building

Residential Dining Hall Attached


Property Description

Property Type: Single Gender Floors

Room Type: Single, Double, Double w/ Bath, Triple, and Quad

Bathroom Format: Community

Total Units: 920 Occupancy

Total Floors: 5 Floors of Residence in Walsh, 5 Floors of Residence in Clemens, 14 Floors of Residence in Griesedieck Tower

  • Two Residence Hall Coordinators, full-time master's degree earned, live-in staff members
  • Thirty Two Resident Advisors, undergraduate student leaders
  • Two Assistant Hall Coordinators, undergraduate student leaders
  • Two Campus Ministers, full-time staff members

Griesedieck Complex