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Laclede Houses

The three Laclede Houses are located on Laclede Avenue next to the Village Apartments. They offer single and double bedrooms with living rooms and full kitchens in each house. The Laclede Houses offer a unique opportunity for residents to share a unique common space.

Laclede Houses
Unit Features Property Features

Full Kitchen


Arm Chair

Coffee Table

Dining Room Table & Chairs




Cable Ready

Shared Laundry in Each House

Community Office in 107 Donnelly Hall, Village Apartments

24-Hour Desk Service at Pruellage Hall

Outdoor Patio at Back of House

Bike Storage Outside of House



Property Description

Property Type: Mixed Gender Buildings

Room Type: Single and Double Sharing Bedrooms; total 5-13 occupants per house

Bathroom Format: Private

Total Units: 26 Occupancy

Total Buildings: 3 Buildings of Residence

  • One Residence Hall Coordinator, a full-time master's degree earned, live-in staff member
  • One Resident Advisor, an undergraduate student leader
  • One Assistant Hall Coordinator, an undergraduate student leader
  • One Campus Minister Liaison, full-time staff member
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