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Welcome from the Department of Housing and Residence Life!

This is your source for information about securing housing at Saint Louis University.  The process is a bit different, depending on whether you are a new SLU student or if you have already lived on campus and are returning to housing.

The university has a residency requirement for first-time, first-year students.  This means that new students must live on campus for the first four semesters that they attend SLU.  Transfer students are also residency required, and our department figures in the time you've spent attending another university when determining if you fall under the residency requirement.  If you are a rising junior, senior, or graduate student for next fall, you are not a residency required student, and it is our hope that you choose to live with us as well!

Students may request an exemption from the residency requirement through the Residency Exemption process.  Students are only eligible for this process if they have not already signed a housing contract.  Students may request to be exempt from the residency requirement if they live with parents or guardians within a 50 mile radius, are over the age of 21, are married, have children, etc.  For more information about this process, please check out the link above.

If you are a new SLU student, you are encouraged to complete your enrollment deposit and housing contract in mySLU in advance of the May 1 deadline.  If you are a current SLU student you are encouraged to complete your advance payment and housing contract in mySLU prior to March 1.

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