About Your Paycheck

Saint Louis University issues paychecks via direct deposit. Employees should setup their direct deposit allocations electronically using Banner Self Service (banner.slu.edu). Mandatory participation in direct deposit is expected, but due to "pre-noting" required for proper direct deposit processing, a new employee may receive a paper paycheck for one or two pay periods. Paper paychecks are mailed on payday to the permanent address for the employee, which may be found in Banner Self Service (banner.slu.edu). Paychecks are issued on a bi-weekly basis for hourly paid employees and on a monthly basis for salaried employees. Please refer to the University Payroll Schedule located at the following web sites for the date's checks are issued:

Employee pay stubs are available under the "Employee" tab in Banner Self Service. Employees are responsible for reviewing their paystubs for accuracy and to review that their tax withholdings are withholding at the level the employee expects.