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Procedure Number: Version Number: 1
Classification: Effective Date: 09/01/2010
Responsible University Official: Vice President of Health Sciences, Vice President of Frost Campus, and Vice President of Human Resources


The University recognizes situations may arise that do not fit standard compensation policy guidelines. 


This policy statement, applicable to non-faculty employees only, is intended to describe such extraordinary situations and to provide guidelines for requesting additional employee compensation in these circumstances.


All faculty except those with a primary assignment at the Saint Louis University Madrid Campus.


Not Applicable.


Generally speaking, the University's faculty are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Each academic unit maintains full-time equivalency and faculty workloads for teaching, research, service, and clinical duties.

The department chair or faculty member's primary department is responsible for assigning all work to the faculty member including courses and assignments in other academic units. The department chair of the faculty member's primary department must approve any requests for a faculty member to perform services in another academic unit. Additionally, the chair of the faculty member's primary department must obtain approval from the appropriate academic vice president. The academic vice president will approve such requests if the faculty member on a nine or twelve month appointment is clearly meeting all of the established full-time equivalency and productivity standards for his or her current appointment.

A dean, chair, director or the appropriate academic administrator should consult with the appropriate academic vice president and the vice president for human resources regarding requests for additional compensation before making a written request.

The Additive Pay Form may be used to process payments for authorized work only in the following circumstances:
  1. Unrelated Work: Work unrelated to the faculty member's primary assignment or duties (excluding overload assignments - see below). This work should not interfere with the faculty member's regular responsibilities. The faculty member may perform services and receive remuneration from another unit in connection with a revenue generating activity if the required approvals are obtained and the additional compensation does not exceed the cost to obtain the services through alternative sources. Examples of this type of compensation include a faculty member who participate as an instructor or facilitator in a revenue generating workshop, or is engaged by another department to provide medical services to patients.
  2. Contractual Obligation: A bonus, incentive, or fee relating to the employee's performance of duties or services based upon the terms of an authorized contract between the faculty member and the University or the University and a third party. Examples of this type of compensation are on-call pay, outreach services to outside hospitals and clinics, emergency room coverage, and incentive compensation payments allowed under the University Medical Group Compensation Plan.
  3. Recognition Award: A payment, not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), to recognize a special achievement or exemplary service as part of a program approved by the unit vice president or the President. Examples might include an instructor of the year award. A larger amount may be awarded only with the approval of the President.
  4. Honorarium: A sum, not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) per event and fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500.00) per annum, for providing services to another unit consistent with academic custom and propriety in connection with a non-revenue producing activity, such as a guest lecturer, or presenting, facilitating, demonstrating at a workshop, or grand rounds.
  5. UMG: In special circumstances, a University Medical Group faculty member may receive additional compensation for performing significant additional services in connection with activities or revenue generating opportunities that advance the mission and business interests of the UMG.

The appropriate Employee Personnel Action Form (EPAF) may be used to authorize special assignments and payment for services in the following circumstances:

  1. Administrative: A ranked faculty member with an administrative assignment such as a dean, chair, or director. The administrative portion of the faculty member's duties and compensation should be classified as a Supplemental Assignment. (Use a Supplemental Pay EPAF to begin the assignment, and an End Job EPAF to terminate the assignment.)
  2. Adjunct or Overload Assignment: A faculty member with a nine or twelve month appointment may, with proper authorization, accept a summer teaching assignment or, in extraordinary circumstances, provide services that exceed a full-time workload. The President may establish compensation guidelines for a particular school covering services provided during the summer. These guidelines and requirements will be communicated by the President in writing to the dean of the affected school, vice president, the budget office and the vice president for human resources. (Use an Additional Job or Rehire EPAF with an overload contract type.)


Additional pay requests must be approved in writing by the chair, dean, appropriate academic vice president, and vice president for human resources. Additionally, the university's office of financial planning and budget (budget office) or the health sciences center finance office must confirm funding availability for additional pay requests for the frost campus or health sciences center divisions respectively. Human resources will review each request to ensure compliance. Any request involving additional compensation for a faculty member working on a government sponsored grant or subcontract must also be reviewed and approved by the director of sponsored programs, vice president for research, and director of compliance.


Additive pay requests must be submitted to human resources for review, approval, and processing using the form attached to this policy. The department must attach the Additive Pay Form along with supporting documentation that is legibly signed by the authorized University personnel to confirm proper authorization and substantiate the specific category/earnings code and amount for any request. EPAF's will be processed through the channels indicated for the type of EPAF and supporting comments must be included with authorized backup documentation retained in the appropriate department.


Additive Pay for Faculty on Sponsored Programs Policy


This policy was approved by the President and the executive staff of Saint Louis University.