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How do I consent electronically 1095-C in Banner Self Service?

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What is the 1095-C Form?

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Saint Louis University (SLU) must report health coverage information to the Internal Revenue Service and provide a statement (Form 1095-C) disclosing health care coverage information to covered employees (medical plan participants) and any other covered individuals, such as COBRA participants, Long Term Disability (LTD) or certain Retirees.
The information provided on 1095-C for plan participants will include any dependents covered. Dependents will not receive a separate form. If your dependents file a separate tax return just copy your Form 1095-C for their records.

What do I need to do with the information provided on the 1095-C form? Is there information on the form that I need to report on my income tax return(s)?

Yes, you may reference the information on 1095-C form when completing your 2015 federal taxes. You will not submit the 1095-C form, but you should retain it with your tax records.

When will I receive the 1095-C form?

The 1095-C form will be available electronically by March 31, 2016, in Banner Self-Service in the mySLU portal under the Employee tab much like your electronic W-2 (to provide consent to receive the 1095-C electronically, login at > Tools > Banner Self-Service > Employee > Tax Forms > Electronic W-2 Consent and 1095-C Consent).
If you do not electronically consent, the 1095-C form will be mailed to your home address on file (in Banner Self-Service) by March 31, 2016. Please note that this means the 1095-C form may not be received until after March 31st.

Can I file my tax return if I have not received the 1095-C form? My tax preparer insists I need the form to file my 2015 Federal Income Taxes.

The IRS issued Notice 2016-4 in early 2016 which extended the deadline for employers distributing the 1095-C forms to March 31, 2016, and indicates that taxpayers can file before receiving the form. You do not have to wait to receive the 1095-C form to file your individual income tax return. For more information issued by the IRS, please click here.

Other forms of documentation that you can use to provide proof of your insurance coverage include:
• Health insurance cards
• 2015 Benefits Statement from Banner Self-Service
• Explanation of benefits
• W-2 or payroll statement reflecting health insurance deductions
• Any other statements indicating that you, or a member of your family, had health care coverage

Do SLU's medical plans provide the required level of coverage for me to avoid tax penalties?

Yes, SLU's medical plans meet the minimum essential coverage (MEC) as required by PPACA so you will meet the individual mandate requirement if you were covered by SLU's medical plan for all 12 months of 2015.

What if I was not employed by SLU for all 12 months in 2015?

If you were employed with a different employer for part of 2015 and had health care coverage by that employer's medical plan, you should receive a 1095 form from that employer also.

Who do I call with questions about the 1095-C form?

If you have questions about the 1095-C form call the Benefits Office at (314) 977-2595, or email

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General Benefits


When do my benefits become effective?

Benefits become effective on the employee's first day of regular benefit eligible employment, provided online enrollment and dependent verification is submitted in a timely manner. Enrollment must occur within the first 31 days of employment. Members of a collective bargaining unit may have to satisfy a probationary period prior to insurance coverage. Such members should refer to their collective bargaining agreement for specific details.

Where can I find out more information about my benefits?

Please visit the Benefits website. On our website you will find details about all the benefit plans, links to enrollment and change forms, as well as premiums for insurance and other useful information. If you cannot find the answer to your question online, contact the Benefits office at 314-977-2595.

Where can I find my current benefit elections?

Your current benefit elections can be found on your Employee Benefit Statement. To view, please visit Banner Self Service; select the Employee tab and then Benefits and Deductions. From there, click on the Employee Benefits Statement. Use the drop down box for the calendar year you want review.

When can I make changes to my benefit elections?

Changes are generally only permitted during the annual open enrollment period, unless you have a qualifying event during the year. Open enrollment is usually in November of each year, with the requested changes taking effect the following January 1. Open enrollment is the time during which an employee may add or drop dependents to their plans (without a qualifying life change event), as well as change the plan options selected. Some examples of qualifying events are listed in the following question: What is a qualifying life change event to enroll in benefits?

What is a qualifying life change event to enroll in benefits? 

After your initial 31-day enrollment period, the only time to enroll yourself or add a dependent to your plan is during open enrollment, or upon a qualifying event. Such events may, but are not limited to, include birth, adoption, marriage, death or loss of coverage under a different plan. These changes must be made within 31 days of the qualifying life change event. For more information, please refer to the Life/Work Changes web page.

I lost the health coverage I had through my spouse. Can I enroll in SLU's plans now or do I have to wait until open enrollment?

Loss of eligibility under another group benefit is a qualifying event in which you can enroll in SLU's health plans. You must provide proof of the loss of coverage along with enrollment forms for each benefit within 31 days of the date your other coverage terminates. Additionally, dependent verification must be received within this time for any dependents added to your benefits.

How do I enroll my newborn/ dependent to my health insurance?

A newly eligible dependent by way of birth, adoption, marriage or court order can be added to an employee's insurance (medical, dental, vision and accident) within 31 days of acquiring the dependent by filling out a enrollment/change form(s) for each benefit, and providing the appropriate dependent verification. Forms can be downloaded from the Human Resources website under Forms and Resources.

How do I verify my dependents when adding them to my health insurance?

Supporting documents may be required when requesting coverage for dependents, or for a qualifying event. Please refer to the Dependent Verification document located on the Medical Benefits web page under Medical Benefit Resources.

I am enrolled in a medical/dental plan. When can I change to a different plan?

You may only change the medical or dental plan you are enrolled in during the annual November open enrollment.

Who are eligible dependents under our medical, dental, vision and accident plans? 

Eligible dependents are:
• Your legal spouse, unless legally separated or divorced
• Each of your children. The term "children" includes any such person related to you by blood or marriage, or for whom you have legally adopted or assumed a legal obligation, or other child, if that child lives in your household in a parent-child relationship and is dependent upon you for support.
• Children are eligible for coverage up until their 26th birthday. *Please note that it is your responsibility to notify the Benefits department of this change within 31 days of your child's 26th birthday.

When can I take a dependent off the plan? 

After your initial 31-day enrollment period, the only time to remove a dependent from your plan is at open enrollment, or upon a qualifying event, including becoming an ineligible dependent due to gaining coverage elsewhere, divorce, death, or a child reaching 26 years of age. These changes must be made within 31 days of the qualifying event with appropriate documentation and enrollment / change forms.

How does COBRA work? 

You and your eligible dependents are provided the opportunity to continue your medical, dental, vision, and/or flexible spending coverage after the termination of your benefits. You will be notified of your election rights within 30 days of your termination via postal mail sent from the University's third party COBRA vendor; Sax Benefits Group. For additional information on COBRA please refer to COBRA and Other Federal Mandates on the Benefits website. Questions regarding payment of COBRA premiums should be directed to Sax Benefits Group at 314-822-6100 x 2300.

What are the premiums for COBRA? 

Premiums for coverage can be found in your COBRA package or at Leaving St Louis University webpage.

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Medical Benefits - United Healthcare (UHC)


How do I get temporary United Healthcare ID Cards or reorder cards?

Register on United Healthcare's website at to print a temp card or request a card be mailed to your home. You can also request a card by calling member services at 800-382-4259.

How can I look up how/if medical claims have been processed?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is available online. Register on to view EOB's, check on claim status, and other helpful information or call 800-382-4259.

What are my benefits under the medical plan? 

Once you register on you can get information on the services and procedures that are covered under our plan. You can view our Summary Plan Description on United HealthCare's website or on our benefits website. Your physician can submit a pre-determination to United Healthcare for the scheduled procedure to determine if the procedure is covered and at what level.

What are the medical premiums for active employees? 

Premiums for coverage can be found on the benefits website under the Medical section.

What is the Customer Service fax number for United HealthCare? 

UHC's fax number is 314-592-7600.

What is the web address for United HealthCare?

Why are my claims not being paid? 

Some possible reasons for claims not being paid at United HealthCare:
• A dependent may not be eligible for coverage due to age
• The dependent may not have been added to your coverage in a timely manner
• United HealthCare might not have received a copy of the claim from your provider

Please contact United Healthcare at 800-382-4259 or visit their website at to determine if additional information is needed to process your claims.

Prescription Benefits - Express Scripts (ESI)


How do I get temporary ID Cards or reorder cards?

Contact Express Scripts Inc (ESI) member services at 888-778-8755 or online at More information may be found on the Benefits website under Express Scripts

How does the mail order program work? 

Our prescription benefit through ESI provides a mail order program. This program offers you a 90 day supply for two co-pays. If you take a maintenance medication, you will be automatically enrolled in the mail order program after three refills at the retail pharmacy. You can opt out of the mail order program if you prefer to visit the pharmacy every 30 days. Failure to opt out of the mail order program may create a disruption in refilling your prescription at a retail pharmacy.
You can initiate your participation in the mail order program by contacting ESI member Services at 888-778-8755.

How do I opt out of the automatic mail order service? 

You must contact ESI member services at 888-778-8755 to opt out of the mail order program in order to fill your maintenance prescriptions at the retail pharmacy.

Why isn't my prescription covered under the plan? 

Did you contact ESI Customer Service at 888-778-8755? Possible reasons may be:
• It is a Step Therapy prescription
• It needs a prior authorization
• You are filling a maintenance prescription but have not yet opted out of the mail order which will cause a delay in getting a prescription filled

What is the web address for Express Scripts?

Dental Benefits - Delta Dental


May I go to any dentist?

Electing the Flex Option, the highest level of benefits as well as coverage in the PPO network, and out of the PPO network is provided. The Flex option also includes adult and child orthodontia.

However, when electing the Basic Plus Option, a lower level of benefits as well as coverage in the PPO network and out of PPO network is available. The Basic Plus option offers orthodontia for children only up to age 19.
For more information please refer to the Dental section in the Benefits website.

How do I find a dentist?

To find out if your dentist is in the Delta Dental PPO Network or to find a Delta Dental participating dentist in your area:

• Visit the Delta Dental website at and click on Looking for a Dentist. Choose Delta Dental PPO Network and locate a list of dentists by zip code or specific dentist name.

• Call Delta Dental at 800-335-8266 or 314-656-3001 to request a dentist directory.

Will I receive a Delta Dental of Missouri identification card?

Yes, although it is not required to obtain services from a participating dentist. Your dentist can verify your coverage by calling Delta Dental and supplying your social security number. Upon enrollment in SLU's dental plan, identification cards will be generated and mailed to your home within 7 to 10 business days.

Vision - VSP


May I go to any provider?

Yes, members simply choose a VSP provider and let them know they have VSP coverage. For information, please refer to the Vision Insurance web page.

How do I find provider in VSP's network? 

Please visit and select the "Find a Doctor" option. 

Will I receive a VSP identification card? 

VSP does not provide vision insurance ID cards. Members are not required to carry or produce a vision card for services at any of our VSP providers' offices. As an alternative, members can download a member-specific ID cards on if they would like a card to carry in their wallets. To confirm eligibility in VSP's system, please contact Customer Service at 800-877-7195.

Tuition Remission


When am I eligible to use the Tuition Remission benefit?

Employees must be considered full-time on the first day of classes for the semester for which tuition remission benefits are requested. For more information, please refer to the Tuition Remission for Employees web page.

How do I apply for Tuition Remission?

Tuition Remission is strictly an online process. The Tuition Remission application is submitted through the Banner Self Service portal and is a universal application so the benefit must only be requested once per enrollee. Tuition Remission must be requested before the term for which the benefit is requested. Instructions are located on the Tuition Benefits web page.

Are my dependents eligible?

The spouse and/or children (natural or adopted) of any full-time faculty, staff or Faculty Emeritus who have completed a minimum of three years of continuous full-time service are eligible for benefits under the Tuition Remission Plan. However, restrictions do apply to this benefit. Please refer to the Tuition Remission for Spouse and Children page.

I am a retired employee. What are my tuition benefits?

Employees who leave the University by reason of retirement upon or after the attainment of age 60 with at least 7 years of continuous full-time service may use the tuition remission benefit for themselves and/or their eligible dependents. These requests must be made in writing by emailing the Benefits office at

I received a bill for my classes and tuition remission has not been applied. What do I do?

A report of all new tuition remission applications is generated by the Benefits Office each Friday and reported to Student Financial Services. If you have applied online within the last week, please allow 7 days for the applications to be processed. If you experience an extensive delay, please contact Debbie Alexander in Student Financial Services at 314-977-2424.

For further information regarding restrictions, please refer to the Tuition Remission Benefits web page and select the appropriate link for Employees or for Spouse and Children tuition benefits.

Tuition Remission Taxation


What is the tuition remission dollar amount that is nontaxable per year?

Currently, the amount is $5,250 per calendar year.

How does the Voluntary-Advanced Tax Election Form work?

The form works like a budgeting tool for the withholding of the taxes you owe on your tuition remission benefit.  The form allows you to spread out your tax withholding over the course of the calendar year based on your program and the number of hours you "anticipate" taking for the year, and you are taxed on the same amount each paycheck, instead of being taxed on what you owe each semester. Once you submit the form, your tax withholdings are spread out over all of your remaining paychecks over the course of the calendar year, so the tax amount is consistent and your checks are not adversely affected during the summer and fall semesters, after you have exceeded the $5,250 non-taxable benefit amount.

Can I fax or scan and email you a copy?

No, we do not accept faxed or scanned copies.  Please send the completed original paper form to us via interoffice mail to the Benefits Office in The Wool Center, 1st Floor.

Do I need to submit a new form every calendar year?

Yes, the form is only good for the current calendar year.

Can I submit more than one form a year or change my form later in the year?

No. Only one form or election can be made per calendar year.

What happens if I take more or less classes than I have indicated on the form?

If you end up taking more classes than you originally indicated on your form, than your tax deductions will fall short for the year. In this case, by late September, or early October, we will email you letting you know that we will discontinue using the amount on your form and we will change the amount that needs to be deducted on your paychecks for the remainder of the year, so all of the taxes you owe are paid by your final paycheck in December. If you end up taking less classes than you originally indicated on your form, than you will have a credit by the end of the year,and any over withholding of taxes will be reimbursed to you on your final paycheck in December.

What happens if I choose not to submit a form and I exceed the $5,250 limit, do you need my permission to tax my paychecks?

No. If you do not want to use the Voluntary-Advanced Tax Election Form, once you surpass the $5,250 nontaxable amount, we will send you a tuition remission letter and we will tax your paychecks on your taxable benefit amount for that semester.

How often is the form updated?

The form is updated once a year, and is released by the first week of January, so it has the most up to date information regarding current taxable benefit amounts and the supplemental tax rates that are set by the IRS the previous December.

If the form is only updated in January and is based on the current FY tuition rates, will the taxable benefit amount I circle on the form be exact?

No, the taxable benefit amounts will not be exact, because the tuition rate per hour for your classes may be higher in the new fiscal year (in July), beginning with your summer and/or fall classes. Because the form is only updated once a year, there will be an additional tax amount that will be owed if tuition costs per hour go up in your program and you take all the hours you indicated on the form. The additional amount will be deducted by your final paycheck in December, or if the amount is substantial, we will email you in late September or early October and let you know that we need to change the amount you are being taxed on until the end of the year.

What happens if I decide to leave the University and I still owe taxes on my benefits for classes I have already taken?

Once we become aware that you will be leaving the University, you will be taxed in full for taxes you still owe by your final paycheck. Please let the Benefits Office know ahead of time if you will be leaving the University, so we can work with you on the number of paychecks you will be taxed on.

How is the tax calculated on the value of my taxable tuition remission benefit?

The value of your taxable tuition remission benefit is taxed using supplemental tax rates set by the IRS. Currently the rate is 39.65% (FICA Withholding 7.65%, Federal Withholding 25%, Missouri Withholding 6% and St. Louis City Withholding 1%).

Can I change or adjust how much is withheld on my taxable tuition remission benefit?

No. The taxes withheld are based on the supplemental rate set by the IRS and you will be taxed per semester or by use of the Voluntary-Advanced Tax Election Form.

Is my taxable tuition remission benefit amount noted somewhere on my paystub?

Yes, the current and YTD taxable benefit amount (not the tax itself) is noted under the Federally Taxable Benefit section of your paystub.

How are the taxes withheld on my taxable tuition remission benefit reported on my paystub?

The taxes withheld for your taxable tuition remission benefit are not listed separately on your paystub. The taxes are incorporated into and shown with your existing Federal, FICA, State and Local tax deductions on your paystub.

Is the yearly total taxable tuition remission benefit amount for the calendar year reported on my W-2?

Yes, the total taxable benefit amount is noted in Box 14 - (Other) with the notation TUI REM. The taxable tuition remission amount is also included in your yearly wage amounts shown in boxes 1, 3, 5, 16 and 18 (Wages, Social Security wages, Medicare wages, State wages and Local wages as additional earnings or taxable income).

Are the taxes I paid on my taxable tuition remission benefit reported on my W-2?

Yes, they are incorporated and included with your taxes withheld in boxes 2, 4, 6, 17 and 19. (Federal income tax withheld, Social Security tax withheld, Medicare tax withheld, State income tax and Local income tax).

Retirement Plan - TIAA-CREF


When can I begin contributing to my 403(b) plan?

You may begin your 403(b) contributions after you receive your first paycheck from the University. To start your contributions and set up your 403(b) account, please register on TIAA-CREF's website at

Instructions on how to complete this process may be found on SLU's Retirement and 403(b) Plans web page.

Does the University match my contributions?

Yes, after one year of continuous service and working at least 1000 hours, faculty and staff are eligible for the University's contribution, only if the employee is contributing to the 403(b) plan. The University match is based on the employee's 403(b) contribution. For more information, please refer to the Retirement and 403(b) Plans web page.

If I contribute to the retirement plan, when can I withdraw my money?

In-service withdrawals of 403(b) contributions are not allowed until April 1st of the year following attainment of the age 70.5. However, TIAA-CREF, the University's sole approved retirement vendor, allows access to fund balances through a loan provision for active employees. Loans are arranged directly between TIAA-CREF and the employee. Please contact TIAA-CREF at 800-842-2776 to request program specifics, or visit their website

Hardship withdrawals from the 403(b) plan may be available for active employees in very specific circumstances. Please contact TIAA-CREF at 800-842-2776 to see if you are eligible.

Once the employee separates employment with the University, he or she may transfer fund balances to another qualified retirement account, including an IRA, or receive a cash distribution. Please consult a tax consultant for tax consequences associated with a cash distribution. For more information, please refer to the Retirement and 403(b) Plans web page.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)


Where can I find out how much life insurance I have through SLU?

The life insurance information is available as part of the Employee Benefit Statement, under Banner Self-Service. The Employee Benefit Statement can be accessed through Banner Self Service.

Base coverage, provided by Saint Louis University is equal to one times your annual salary to a maximum of $400,000.

When can I increase my optional life insurance?

There is no open enrollment for optional life insurance so coverage can only be increased by completing and submitting a new AIG Enrollment form as well as an AIG Statement of Health form to the Benefits office. AIG will review the request and, if approved, the additional coverage will be added to the next available payroll. Optional Life Insurance may be decreased at any time by completing a new AIG Enrollment form.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment can be increased or decreased at any time by completing a new AIG Enrollment form. These forms can be found on the Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment web pages.

What is the maximum amount of optional life insurance available to me through Saint Louis University?

The combined amount of Basic and Supplemental life insurance cannot exceed $400,000 or four times your annual salary, whichever is less.

How can I change my beneficiary for life insurance?

Beneficiaries can be changed at any time, and are recommended to be changed after a life event, such as marriage, divorce, death or birth or adoption of a child. The Beneficiary Designation Form can be found on the Life Insurance web page. The completed form should be faxed back to the Benefits Office at 314-977-1785.

Accident Insurance


What is Accident Insurance?

This new benefit is a voluntary coverage that is designed to assist in unexpected expenses incurred due to an accident. For additional information, please refer to the Accident Insurance web page.

How do I apply for this benefit?

As a new hire, you are eligible to enroll within your 31 day enrollment period. Otherwise, your next opportunity to enroll would be during open enrollment.

Can dependents be covered?

Yes, for more information please refer to the Coverage Summary located on the Accident Insurance page.

Long Term Disability - Mutual of Omaha


When am I eligible for Long Term Disability?

Your Long Term Disability benefit becomes effective on the first day of the month following your one year anniversary with Saint Louis University. A waiver of the 12 month waiting period is available if you were insured under a prior employer's group total disability insurance policy (terminating within the last 90 days and that would have provided a benefit of at least five years in the event of your disability). The waiver must be provided to Saint Louis University within the first 31 days of employment. For more information, please refer to the Long Term Disability (LTD) web page.

How does sick leave time affect a Long Term Disability claim?

Benefits under the Long Term Disability plan begin after three months of disability or the exhaustion of sick leave not to exceed six months.

When should I file a Long Term Disability claim?

A claim must be filed within 31 days of disability or as soon as reasonably possible.

How can I get the Long Term Disability application?

The application for Long Term Disability is available from the Leave and Accommodations Consultant by emailing or calling 314-977-3949.

What is the Long Term Disability Benefit?

The LTD benefit provides 60% of the employee's salary, as of the date of disability, for a long as the employee is disabled, up to a maximum benefit of $15,000 per month. LTD benefits will be reduced by any award of Workers' Compensation or Social Security Disability. For more information, please refer to the Long Term Disability (LTD) web page.

Retiring from SLU


For the purpose of benefits, what is the definition of retirement at Saint Louis University?

Retirement is obtaining age 60 with seven or more years of continuous, full-time service to the University. The benefit of retirement is that you may continue your SLU medical insurance coverage, as long as you pay the premiums for this coverage. For more information, please refer to the Life/Work Changes - Retirement web page.

What is the cost of medical and dental when I retire?

For current Retiree/ COBRA rates, please refer to the Life/Work Changes - Retirement web page.

Who is the primary medical carrier when I retire?

If you are over 65, Medicare is primary and our plan is secondary. If you retire under age 65, your SLU United HealthCare is the primary payer until you reach Medicare eligibility. At that time, if you chose to remain on the SLU United HealthCare health insurance, you must pick up Medicare Part B.

Are there any other benefits to retiring from SLU?

Retirees from SLU are entitled to maintain their tuition remission benefits for themselves and any eligible dependents. The Simon Recreation Center also provides a one year gift membership to retirees as a token of appreciation. For more information, please refer to the Life/Work Changes - Retirement web page.


Can't find what you need? Please refer to the Benefits A-Z page for more information.

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