Spouse Coverage: Please provide the following documents:

  1. Copy of your marriage certificate;
  2. Spousal Healthcare Affidavit; and either:
  3. Copy of the front page of your most recent jointly filed tax return.  You may strike any financial information; or
  4. Copy of a household bill within the past 60 days which shows both of your names.

If adding your spouse, he/she must complete the requirements of the Vitality program, within 31 days of their effective date, in order for the employee to continue to receive the medical premium discount. If the employee is currently receiving the medical premium discount and the newly added spouse does not fulfill the Vitality program requirements within 31 days of their effective date, the medical premium discount will be removed from the employee. To view the Vitality program requirements, please click here.  Effective 01/01/2016, if your spouse has access to health insurance through their employer, they are not eligible to be covered under Saint Louis University's plan.  An Affidavit is required for enrollment.  Click here for frequently asked questions.

Children Coverage:

  1. Copy of birth certificate or for newborns, a copy of the live birth record from the hospital.
  • Your medical plan is effective as of your date of hire. 
  • You must submit a Health Insurance Coverage Waiver if you do not wish to have medical insurance coverage with the University.
  • Once enrolled, you cannot change medical plans until Open Enrollment. Medical Open Enrollment will take place in November of each year and changes are effective on January 1.
  • After your initial 31-day enrollment period, the only time to enroll yourself or add a dependent to your plan is at Open Enrollment, or upon a qualifying event, including birth, adoption, marriage, or loss of coverage under a different plan. These changes must be made within 31 days of the qualifying event.
  • Eligible dependents are: 
    • your legally married spouse where the marriage was legally recognized in the state of celebration, unless legally separated or divorced.
    • natural, step or adopted children up to their 26th birthday regardless of student or marital status.
Employee no benefit for dependents
Employee + spouse includes the employee and legal spouse
Employee + child(ren) includes the employee and eligible dependent child(ren)
Family includes the employee, spouse and eligible dependent child(ren)