You and Your Family – Your Child Is No Longer an Eligible Dependent

When your child reaches the age of 26, he/she is no longer eligible for benefits as your dependent through the University effective at the end of the month of their birthday. As this qualifying event can potentially affect payroll deductions for each benefit the dependent is covered under, employees are strongly encouraged to remove dependent from any applicable benefits as soon as possible.

While employees are able to remove the dependent due to this qualifying event, switching plans (such as changing from United Healthcare's Plus Plan to the High Deductible Health Plan) is not allowed. Such changes can only be made during the University's annual open enrollment.

Action Items Checklist:
Review the following [but not limited to these] benefits that should be considered for the age limit qualifying event:

In the event of a dependent child's death, employees are also encouraged to contact the Benefits office to make the appropriate changes to respective benefits within 31 days of the dependent's date of death. Please click here for more information.

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