Final Paycheck Process

  1. The final paycheck will be direct deposited if the employee is participating in the direct deposit program. If the employee is not participating in the direct deposit program, the final check will be mailed via first class mail to the permanent address indicated in Banner Self Service, at the time of processing.
  2. Staff and faculty members are expected to provide human resources,, with any address updates after separation. This address will be updated by human resources to assure proper delivery of tax statements (W-2 Form).
  3. Final paychecks are issued according to the regular University Bi-Weekly and Monthly Payroll Schedule. In other words, the final paycheck is not issued as a special check.
  4. The balance of an eligible staff member's accrued vacation, up to a maximum of 200 hours, will be paid in the event of separation from the University. The balance, as it appears in human resources information system, will be verified by the department head before payment is made. Newly hired employees who have not completed an initial six (6) month orientation period are not eligible for vacation pay out upon termination.
  5. For staff, accrued and unused sick time is not paid out; it will remain in an account for (1) year in the event the employee is re-employed by Saint Louis University.