Employment Background Checks Policy




Procedure Number: Version Number: 4
Classification: Effective Date: 2/11/2016
Responsible University Office: Vice President Human Resources


It is the policy of Saint Louis University to perform employment background checks to provide a safe and productive work and learning environment for patients, employees, students and visitors.


The purpose of performing background checks is to determine and or confirm the qualifications and suitability of a job candidate for the particular position for which the candidate is being considered, and to help ensure the safety of our university community. The University reserves the right to perform background checks in any situation when it is deemed appropriate to protect the interests of the University.


This policy is applicable to all faculty staff and volunteers/observers. This policy is also applicable to student workers who work with or work in an environment with minors (persons under the age of eighteen years who are not enrolled as students at the University).


Not applicable


The University performs background checks for all new employees based on the responsibilities of the position or an individual's role within the University. A background check may include: criminal background checks; credit checks, references and employment history; verification of education, professional licenses, academic credentials, work experience and other checks as deemed appropriate by the University. Individuals who have a criminal record or have other risk factors may be disqualified from employment by law or because their presence in the work place would create an unacceptable risk to the University community. The results of a pre-employment background check are confidential and are to be shared with members of Saint Louis University on a strict “need to know” basis.


Applicants are advised of the requirement for background checks and give consent by electronic signature during the application process. Human Resources will collect the background information on finalists for staff positions and the faculty affairs office will collect background information for faculty positions.


7.1 Employment background checks are completed after a candidate is offered a position. All job offers should be conditioned upon satisfactory completion of the employment background checks.


7.2 Candidates that provide false or misleading information in their application and/or authorization may be eliminated from any further consideration. Candidates are expected to provide accurate and complete information and not to omit material information needed to make a decision.

7.3 All candidates shall be individually reviewed and decisions made with respect to employment based upon the totality of the candidate’s qualifications and the results of the employment background checks.

    7.4 If a background check discloses risk factors for a staff position, human resources will coordinate with the hiring manager to determine whether or not the employee or candidate should be disqualified from employment in that position due to legal requirements or other considerations. The faculty affairs office will be responsible for coordinating with the appropriate Chair, Dean, or designee to make these same determinations for faculty positions. Unless employment is expressly prohibited by law, the University will evaluate, on a case by case basis, whether an individual should be precluded from employment or other relationship with the University. Factors used to make this determination may include, but not limited to: the seriousness of the misconduct; state or federal laws implicated; how long ago the misconduct occurred; any patterns of misconduct; the position sought and duties; evidence of rehabilitation; the candidate's employment history; and references. If these parties disagree on whether there are grounds for disqualification, the Vice President for Human Resources, Vice President for General Counsel, and the divisional Vice President will review and decide the case.

    7.5 Prior to taking any adverse action, appropriate notice will be sent to candidate pursuant to federal and state laws and a copy of the report may be shared with the candidate upon request. The candidate will be given information on the entity providing the report and a reasonable opportunity to submit information to human resources or the faculty affairs office, disputing the accuracy or completeness of the report. If a disputation is submitted within the specified time frame, it will be reviewed before a decision is made and communicated.

    7.6 A job offer may be rescinded or employment terminated due to falsification if: a candidate withholds background information; does not disclose a criminal history (see definition in #7 below); or falsifies academic credentials or professional licenses on his/her application. Human Resources will first notify the hiring manager for staff positions and the faculty affairs office will notify the appropriate Chair, Dean or designee for faculty positions; and then notify the candidate of the decision.

    7.7 The results of the background check will be disclosed only to University personnel who need to know or as otherwise required by law.

    7.8 A contractor's employer or agency is responsible for providing credible background information to the contracting department for review and approval when a designated position is filled by a contractor or other non-employee.

    7.9 For purposes of this policy, evidence of a criminal history includes any conviction or plea of guilty, a plea of no contest, a suspended imposition of sentence, a suspended execution of sentence, any period of probation or parole, or any other action involving a finding that an individual committed or attempted to commit a crime.

    7.10 Employees have an ongoing responsibility to the University and must report any arrests and convictions to their supervisor and/or Human Resources. The University reserves the right to take any actions it deems appropriate regarding employment, up to and including termination.


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