Express Scripts (ESI) Pharmacy Benefits

Express Scripts (ESI) is the University's Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM). ESI is one of the largest PBM's in the country, and they have an impressive record of customer satisfaction.

They also have an extensive network of participating pharmacy locations. To find one near you, visit Express Scripts Log-In Page.

You may view the National Preferred Formulary by Therapy Class or alphabetically by drug name to determine which medications are classified as preferred brands by clicking on the link. Please review the ESI website at and the formulary so that you will know how much your current prescriptions will cost.

For more information about your prescription benefits, please call ESI at 888.778.8755.

Medical Plan participants will have a separate pharmacy card issued by ESI. If you have misplaced your cards, or did not receive a new pharmacy cards, instructions on how to obtain new one may be found on the ESI website at To activate an account, the employee social security number is the member ID number. Please also note that a temporary ID information is available for those awaiting a new membership card, or those awaiting a replacement for a lost/misplaced card.

Use the ESI Reimbursement form to file a claim for prescriptions paid for out of pocket

In an effort to continue cost savings for our employees and the University, several different programs were introduced through Express Scripts (ESI) effective January 1, 2010, and expanded on January 1, 2017.

Step Therapy Programs: Step Therapy is a program that makes prescription drugs more affordable for our members and helps our organization control the rising costs of medications. In the step therapy program, drugs are grouped in categories, based on cost.

Front Line Drugs: These Step One medications are generic drugs proven safe, effective, and affordable. These drugs should be tried first because they can provide the same health benefit as more expensive drugs, at a lower cost.

Back Up Drugs: Step Two and Step Three drugs are brand name drugs such as those you see advertised on television. There are lower cost brand drugs (Step 2) and higher cost brand drugs (Step 3). Back up drugs always cost more. Step Therapy is developed under the guidance and direction of independent doctors, pharmacists and other medical experts. For more information on how Step Therapy works and how it benefits you, watch this short video at

Select Home Delivery: ESI will reach out to our members to enroll you in the home delivery program automatically. Members may opt out of the program at anytime. If you are currently filling maintenance prescriptions at a local pharmacy, you can find out more about Home Delivery on the ESI website or by contacting the SLU Benefits Office.

Curascript Exclusive: Curascript is a specialty pharmacy that provides injectable, oral and infused specialty medications. Specialty medications are used to treat complex conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc. These complex and costly medications usually require special storage and handling and may not be readily available at your local drug store. Sometimes these medications have side effects that require monitoring by a trained pharmacist or nurse. Curascript focuses on providing these medications, while offering excellent clinical services and support to you and your caregivers. If you are currently taking a specialty medication, please read Specialty Preferred Medication Information regarding this program.