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UHC In-Network Providers - Visit the United HealthCare website at to complete a UHC Nation-wide Network Physician search. You will find a "Find a Physician or Facility" link under "Links and Tools" in the upper right-hand column. On page one, Select a Search Type, choose the radio button next to "Search for a Physician" and press continue. On the second page, under Section 2, Select a Plan, use the drop-down box to choose "United Healthcare Choice Plus." Then, continue your search choice by location or name. Choose UHC Choice Plus under Product Selection.

UHC Mental Health or Substance Use Provider or Facility -Find a provider, discover community and work-life resources near you, and quickly and confidentially connect to expert guidance regarding conditions and situations that concern you at

SLUCare Physicians can be found by visiting their website at

SSM physicians can be found by visiting their website

MYCare - MYCare is a partnership between the Benefits Office and the SLUCare Department of Family and Community Medicine to offer enhanced a wellness program exclusively for our faculty, staff and family members. The program is ideal for those who recognize the value of protecting their health and welcome the support of the health professionals best equipped to help. It is an excellent option for those who don't have a primary care physician, want to change doctors, or have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or weight problems. Contact MYCare for more information:

* Phone: 314-977-3500
* e-mail:
* MYCare

Physical Therapy Patient Services - Physical therapists serve patients who are experiencing symptoms which affect their ability to participate in the community, their employment, and/or recreation. The faculty and staff of the Saint Louis University Program in Physical Therapy provide physical therapy services at a number of locations within the SLU Community. In the majority of cases, a physician referral is necessary to access physical therapy services.

Outpatient Services - Marchetti West Clinic: Staffed entirely by staff and faculty of the Program in Physical Therapy, this location is conveniently located on SLU's North campus at 3518 Laclede Ave St. Louis, MO 63103 Phone number 314 977 7419.

SSM Pediatricians - Saint Louis University has partnered with the SSM Physician Network in order to provide employees and their families with additional choices in pediatric health care providers. Find an SSM Pediatrician.

Psych Care Consultants - In order to provide better access to mental health providers, Saint Louis University Benefits has partnered with Psych Care Consultants, L.L.C in order to provide employees and their families with additional choices in providers. Find a Psych Care Consultant.

Laboratory Services
Under the UHC plans, LabCorp is the lab of choice for UHC members. To get the best benefit from the plans, members may utilize a LabCorp facility or any in-network hospital lab facility to have blood work drawn.

* To find a LabCorp facility near you, click here LabCorp Find A Lab.
* Schedule an appointment online