Holiday Policy





Procedure Number: Version Number: 4
Classification: Effective Date: 8/10/2012
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


Saint Louis University schedules operations to allow faculty and staff to celebrate important national holidays.


The observance of paid holidays provides additional opportunities for rest and to enhance the total compensation provided to employees.


This policy applies to all regular full time and part time staff of Saint Louis University with the exception of employees in a collective bargaining unit or employees of the Madrid campus.


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The University recognizes 13 holidays each fiscal year to celebrate designated national and religious holidays. Holidays falling on a Saturday are normally observed on the preceding Friday, those falling on Sunday are observed on the following Monday. Pay for a holiday is not considered hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime. To see the current holiday calendar, click here

The University provides paid time off to full-time and leave eligible part-time regular staff on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Day before Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Day following Christmas
  • New Year's Eve Day

The day before Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve Day may be rescheduled if required by University operations.

SLUCare and other business units of the University must set hours of operation that are productive and serve their customers. Offices that support these business units must be aware of these schedules, and be available to provide service when they extend beyond what is typical for most University departments. (These units include: libraries; the recreation center; residence halls; facilities services; public safety; etc.) Eligible employees of any unit, required to work all or part of a designated holiday, will be allowed to "bank" the holiday hours for use in a future pay period. Accrued holiday hours will be lost if not used prior to the end of the fiscal year (June 30); therefore, these hours should be exhausted before using vacation hours. Unused holiday hours will not be paid out upon termination of employment.

Employees are eligible for holiday pay whether or not the holiday falls on a day they are scheduled to work; however, they are required to be in a paid status the scheduled workday preceding and the scheduled workday following the holiday. If an employee is off work due to illness, they must take accrued sick or vacation time to be considered in "paid status" for purposes of holiday pay. Additionally, in accordance with University policy, an employee whose absence is due to illness may be required to provide a doctor's statement. Employees in flex positions, not scheduled to work on the day a holiday is observed, are permitted to bank the day for future use within that fiscal year. Part-time staff members, budgeted for at least 20 hours per week (non-exempt) or .5 FTE (exempt), are eligible to receive prorated holiday pay.

Salaried staff, required to work all or part of a designated holiday, may bank unused holiday hours for use at a later date. If the time cannot be taken within the same pay period (month), the department time-keeper should complete and submit a time reporting change form to the payroll department to arrange for the hours to be banked.


Managers and time keepers are responsible for accurately reporting and processing holiday pay.



7.1 Five (5) Day Work Week

Hourly paid staff will be compensated on a prorated basis for the holiday based on 20 percent of the number of hours they are budgeted to work in a workweek.

20 hours/week X 20 percent = 4.0 hours holiday pay (.5 FTE)
32 hours/week X 20 percent = 6.4 hours holiday pay (.8 FTE)
40 hours/week x 20 percent = 8.0 hours holiday pay (1.0 FTE)

Example: employee budgeted to work 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day.

A holiday occurs on Thursday; however, the employee worked 5.0 hours on the observed holiday. In this instance, the employee should report 5.0 hours worked (regular); 3.0 hours of holiday pay (holiday pay); and 5.0 hours of banked holiday time (holiday-worked/accrued).

7.2 Four (4) Day Work Week

Modified work weeks and flexible schedules, are becoming common in many areas of the University. Employees are working more hours per day, but fewer days per week. Hourly paid staff working these flexible schedules should be paid or allowed to bank the actual number of hours that constitute their work day. They should not be required to use vacation hours to supplement their regular wages for a week in which a holiday occurs.

Examples: employees working modified work week schedules
4 days@5 hours/day = 5 hours holiday pay
4 days@8 hours/day = 8 hours holiday pay
4 days@10hours/day = 10 hours holiday pay

Examples: employee budgeted to work 40 hours per week, 10 hours per day.

  1. A holiday occurs on Thursday, not a scheduled work day for the employee. The employee should report hours worked (regular) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. No holiday hours should be reported or paid since the employee had worked his or her full schedule. Holiday hours should be banked for use at a later date.
  2. Monday through Friday are University holidays, the employee does not work any day that week. This employee should report four ten hour days of holiday pay, not to exceed 40 hours for the week.

Holiday hours should be banked for future use if an employee has worked [or will work] his or her regularly scheduled hours during a week in which a holiday occurs.

7.3 Holiday Banking

Holiday hours are to be accrued for use at a later date if a staff member is scheduled to work on a holiday. Accrued holiday hours must be used before accrued vacation hours and must be used prior to the end of the fiscal year (June 30) or they will be lost. Alternately, with approval from the staff member's supervisor, a holiday may be taken earlier in the same pay period in advance of the University-scheduled holiday. A staff member, scheduled to work a holiday but unable to do so due to illness, jury duty, bereavement or an approved paid leave of absence, will have hours recorded and paid as holiday leave. Holiday hours may not be banked to allow a staff member to substitute sick leave, vacation, or another paid leave option for a University holiday.

It is the responsibility of the employee and department timekeeper to be familiar with the correct method for reporting or banking holiday hours as outlined in this policy. Questions concerning holiday time reporting may be addressed by human resources or payroll services.

Alternate arrangements to this holiday policy must be approved by the appropriate Vice President or Dean and in consultation with Human Resources.


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