Personal Calls, Mail and Visitors Guidelines

It is important for the efficient operation of the University and the welfare of students and patients that telephone lines be kept open for business use. Therefore, personal telephone calls should be kept to a minimum. Family members and friends should not telephone employees routinely while they are working. Employees will be required to reimburse the University for personal long distance calls charged to the University. Personal long distance calls should be limited to those necessary in an emergency situation.

The University's mail departments collect, process and deliver official University mail. Staff members should have personal mail delivered to a home address. As a courtesy, the mail department will process personal mail of employees if the proper postage is affixed. See mail services in Section B.

Employees are not permitted to have visitors in their work areas without prior approval from their immediate supervisors. Visits for the purpose of conducting personal business should take place during the employee's lunch period. Unauthorized visits may be disruptive to co-workers and to the employee's work and could lead to corrective counseling.

Employees are expected to act responsibly in regard to information security at their place of work in with regard to information technology resources. Employees should be diligent by doing such things as protecting information, changing passwords frequently, keeping antivirus software updated, logging in and out of their computer daily, properly storing printouts and documents and supervising the activity of staff when such activity involves using IT resources. Personal use of any of the resources provided by the University should be minimal and may be monitored based on the discretion of the supervisor. Please refer to the current acceptable use policy for further explanation of the use of University IT resources.