The climate of the St. Louis area is like the character of the region: balanced. St. Louis enjoys the advantages of four full seasons with few extremes.
  • Spring arrives generally in mid-March.
  • Fall is equal to anything to be found in New England, but longer - sometimes extending even into November.
  • Summers are warm and sometimes hot and humid, but usually without long spells of excessive temperatures, and on a par with many mid-latitude communities.
  • Winters are relatively short and mild, with cold spells always interrupted by milder temperatures and just enough snowfalls to satisfy children and romantics.

Average monthly temperatures range from 33.8° in January to 80.0° in July, with a normal January low of 21.2° and a normal July high of 89.9°.

St. Louis has between 35-40 days each year with temperatures above 90° and less than 25 days with temperatures below 32°. The 100 year annual average of precipitation* is 37.4 inches and of snowfall is 18.5 inches (1908-2008).

Source: St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association