Solicitation and Distribution Policy




Procedure Number: Version Number: 2
Classification: Effective Date: 9/18/2012
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


This policy was established to inform employees about the University's policy to prohibit solicitation and distribution on the University premises during work time.


This policy sets guidelines regarding solicitation and distribution on Saint Louis University's campuses.


This policy applies to all employees of Saint Louis.


Working time does not include break periods, mealtimes, or other specified periods during the workday when staff members are not engaged in performing their work tasks.


Saint Louis University prohibits solicitation of any type and for any purpose during the working time of the soliciting employee or the employee being solicited. Distribution of circulars, handbills, or literature of any type during working time is not permitted. Solicitation and distribution by any person, not employed by the University, is prohibited at all times on University premises. Solicitation for any University sanctioned campaigns, such as the United Way, is permitted under this policy.

Use of Information Technology resources for solicitation or distribution of non-University related business items is prohibited by this policy and the Appropriate Use Policy enacted in 2002. In addition, use of the telephone, facsimile machine, computers, and other electronic equipment or media for solicitation or distribution of information not related to University business is prohibited. Use of these resources must be related to the University's instructional, research, health care, and public service missions and to the user's educational, scholarly, research, service, operational, or management activities within the University.

This policy extends further in the SLUCare division. Staff members of the University may not solicit at any time or for any purpose in immediate patient care areas such as patients' rooms, operating rooms, or places where patients receive treatment, such as X-ray and therapy areas. Neither are solicitation and/or distribution permitted in any other areas where it would cause disruption of health care operations or disturbance of patients, such as corridors in patient treatment areas and rooms used by patients for consultations with physicians or meetings with families and friends.

Violation of this policy will result in discipline up to and including discharge.


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