Staff Recruitment Policy




Procedure Number: Version Number: 4
Classification: Effective Date: 8/09/2012
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


Saint Louis University has established specific procedures to ensure that its recruitment and selection practices are fully and consistently administered to acquire the best talent available to achieve its mission.


The University seeks to maximize the quality of its human resources through effective recruitment procedures.

This policy applies to the recruitment of all staff by Saint Louis University.


Employment Requisition: On-line form required to recruit staff.

Pay Period: A defined time frame for which an employee will receive pay. The University operates on a biweekly pay period basis for hourly employees and a monthly pay period basis for salaried employees.

Full Time Employee: An employee working in a position budgeted for at least 64 hours bi-weekly or at least 0.80 FTE for monthly paid staff.

Part Time Employee: An employee working in a position budgeted for less than 64 hours biweekly or less than 0.80 FTE for monthly paid staff.

Regular Employee: An employee who is hired into a position with a predetermined duration of twelve months or greater.

Temporary Employee: An employee who is hired for a position with a predetermined duration of less than twelve months. A temporary employee may work consecutive temporary assignments in the same department; however, the total time in the temporary assignments must be less than 12 months.


Saint Louis University seeks to fill each vacancy with the person who represents the best fit for the position. Individuals are selected for employment as a result of their qualifications, skills, and knowledge critical to perform the essential functions, duties and responsibilities of the job.

Internal applicants should receive priority consideration for selection when competing against comparably qualified external candidates.

It is the policy of Saint Louis University to provide equal employment opportunity for all individuals and promote a diverse and inclusive organization consistent with its Catholic, Jesuit mission and identity and obligations as a federal contractor under the Executive Order 11246. See the University policy on Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. Employment decisions will be based on the principles of equal employment opportunity consistent with the University's intent to achieve the goals outlined in its affirmative action policy, and consistent with our Catholic Jesuit identity.


Human Resources is responsible for oversight and coordination of the recruitment, selection and hiring of staff. The director of diversity and affirmation provides direction and monitors the implementation of this policy under applicable federal laws and regulations including Executive Order 11246, Title IV of the Higher Education Amendments of 1972, and Section 5 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


7.1 An employment requisition is required to recruit and hire regular and temporary staff and faculty. The employment requisition should not be used to hire student workers and Federal Work Study students. This procedure does not replace the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) for the termination of an employee.

7.1.1 The employment requisition is initiated by the hiring department and submitted electronically in the online employment system when there is a need to fill a vacant position, due to separation of a staff employee or faculty member, or for the creation of a new position.

7.1.2 The completed requisition is routed electronically for administrative approvals via the online application system. Upon receipt and approval of the responsible Vice President, the employment requisition will be forwarded to the office of financial planning & budget who will verify availability of funds and forward to Vice President Human Resources for final approval or returned to the hiring manager or search committee chair if corrections or additional documentation is required.

7.2 Human resources will post all approved positions on the employment opportunities page of the human resources website and with all other appropriate recruitment sources. A job posting will include job title and the minimum qualifications required to perform the job. All positions must be posted for a minimum of one business day. A position which is re-opened within 30 days of the date of the original job offer will not require re-posting, provided there are a sufficient number of qualified candidates who had applied for the original vacancy. Position postings may have an opening and closing date for the acceptance of applications. Advertising, when necessary, will be placed by human resources in consultation with the department.

7.3 All applicants, internal and external, must apply through the University's on-line employment system at and attach their application to open positions. A resume, cover letter, references and other pertinent documentation may also be required. Internal applicants are encouraged to explore career development opportunities at the University and are responsible for monitoring employment opportunities as they are posted. Employees who have successfully completed the orientation period may apply for a transfer or promotion. Those who are still in their orientation period may be eligible for promotion if the new position is within their department. The human resources office will prepare and display all employment opportunities for a minimum of one business day. The "job posting" includes the job title, minimum qualifications required to perform the job and the salary range.

7.4 To be eligible to apply for a posted position, staff members must meet the minimum hiring specifications for the position, be in good standing in terms of their overall work record and have been in their current position for a minimum of six months. Staff members are not required to notify their supervisors when submitting an application for a posted position. Once the staff member is considered a finalist for the position, his/her supervisor will be contacted prior to completion of the hiring process for a reference.

7.5 Once interviews have been conducted, finalist(s) selected, and job performance references have been acquired, a job offer will be extended by human resources. The salary to be offered will be agreed upon by the hiring supervisor and the human resources representative prior to the offer being made, reviewed for both internal and external equity and consistent with the University's compensation policy. The compensation office may be consulted prior to the extension of a job offer and is required if the job salary offer amount exceeds the mid-point of the pay grade. New hires are required to clear a criminal background check and may be required to clear an employee health screening prior to a formal job offer. 

 7.6 When a job offer is accepted, the human resources representative will prepare a letter of confirmation. Applicants interviewed, but not selected will be notified via email of the hiring decision. The hiring departments' decisions regarding the screening, interviewing, and selection of candidates will be monitored by human resources for consistency with the posted job requirements, job description and published University policies. Human resources may request additional documentation from the hiring department or applicant to support a hiring decision. Hiring actions which do not follow this Staff Recruitment Policy are not sanctioned by the University and will not be honored.

This Staff Recruitment Policy does not apply to job reclassification actions that have been approved by the compensation office.


EEO/Affirmative Action Policy