Staff Sick Leave Policy




Procedure Number: Version Number: 4
Classification: Effective Date: 01/01/2018
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


From time to time employees will miss work due to illness or injury. Saint Louis University provides paid sick leave as part of its total compensation and commitment to its employees.


The eligibility and reporting requirements for sick leave are clearly explained to ensure accurate reporting and administration.

This policy applies to all regular part time and full time staff at Saint Louis University, with the exception of employees in a collective bargaining unit or employees of the Madrid campus.


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Paid sick leave is intended to protect regular staff members from loss of income because of the employee's inability to work due to illness or injury.


It is the responsibility of the employee to report the circumstances of the sick leave, recovery progress, and probable duration of the sick leave. The reason for sick leave may be covered under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act. (See FMLA Policy.)


Individuals wishing to maintain confidentiality regarding the reason for a sick leave request may consult with Human Resources for confidential handling. The individual or supervisor may also contact Human Resources to verify eligibility and amount of accrued sick leave available.

Staff members should make every effort to schedule medical appointments outside normal working hours; however, if it is impossible to do so, sick time may be used for medical appointments if approved in advance by the supervisor.

Upon separation, unused sick leave cannot be used as necessary notice for resignation. Unused sick leave is not paid upon separation but will be reinstated to a staff member's sick leave balance if the individual returns to Saint Louis University within one year of the separation date.


7.1 Eligibility

Full-time regular staff members accrue sick days at the rate of 13 days per year. Part-time regular staff members who work 40 hours per pay period or more or are .5 FTE or higher accrue sick days prorated on the number of hours worked in a pay period. The rate is .05 hours of sick time for each hour worked. Sick days may be carried over from one year to the next to a maximum of 130 days (1,040 hours) to ensure that such days are available in the event of a long-term illness. However, no staff member is paid for accrued unused sick days at the time of termination. Sick pay is paid for scheduled workdays. Sick pay does not cover absences due to weather conditions or personal business.

7.2 Sick Leaves of Less than 3 Consecutive Work Days

7.2.1 Staff members who are unable to report to work due to illness or injury are required to notify their supervisors at the earliest opportunity, in accordance with department policy. An employee who must leave work due to illness or sick leave condition should likewise advise his/her supervisor in accordance with department policy.

 7.2.2 Sick leaves of three work days or less normally do not require medical verification; however, verification may be required for any absence due to illness or injury if the University has a reason to question the appropriateness of the absence or its duration, even if one day or less. Failure to produce the verification within 15 calendar days of the absence may result in the absence not being recorded as sick time.\

 7.2.3 The staff member may submit a Request for FMLA/Leave of Absence form if the reason for the sick leave is covered under the FMLA Policy or if the duration of the sick leave may extend beyond 3 work days. (See FMLA Policy.)

 7.2.4 The department should retain any documents generated for sick leave requests in separate confidential files.

7.3 Sick Leaves Greater than 3 Consecutive Work Days

7.3.1 The employee or employee's representative notifies the supervisor of the need for sick leave of more than 3 consecutive days.

 7.3.2 The individual is required to submit a Request for Family and Medical Leave and Certification of Healthcare Provider form 30 calendar days prior to the commencement of the leave if the leave is foreseeable, or as soon as practicable if the leave is not foreseeable or sick leave pay may be canceled. "As soon as practicable" ordinarily would mean at least verbal notification within 1 or 2 work days of when the need for leave becomes known to the employee. (See FMLA Policy and forms.)

 7.3.3 As soon as sufficient information is provided by the staff member, he/she will be provided the "Response to Your Request for Leave" form which will indicate whether the reason for the leave meets the requirements for FMLA leave or Leave of Absence. (See FMLA Policy.)

 7.3.4 All documents relating to FMLA leaves must be sent to the Human Resources Office. Records and documents relating to medical certification, re-certifications, or medical conditions of employees or family members shall be maintained in separate files/records and treated as confidential, except that supervisors and managers may be informed regarding necessary restrictions on work or duties of the employee and reasonable accommodations; first aid and safety personnel may be informed if the employee's physical or medical condition might require emergency medical treatment; and government officials shall be given relevant information concerning compliance upon receipt of an appropriate request.

 7.3.5 An EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form) must be submitted by the department if the individual is going to be on unpaid status for greater than 30 calendar days. The Benefits Office will contact the individual on medical leave after 30 calendar days of unpaid leave regarding continuation of employee benefits.

 7.3.6 Individuals should contact Human Resources to resolve any disputes regarding an FMLA leave request.

7.4 Caregiver Leave

To respect each staff member's own commitment to family responsibilities, the University will allow staff members to use up to ten (10) days of accrued sick leave per calendar year, for the illness of an immediate family member, (parent, parent-in-law, step-parent, spouse, son, step-son, daughter or step-daughter) when the staff member's presence and assistance is necessary.

Additional time off may be requested, consistent with the Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993 and the University policies on vacation and leaves of absence.

7.5 Medical Certification

The University's policy regarding Medical Certification is stated in the Family and Medical Leave Act Policy. (See FMLA Policy.)

7.6 Long-Term Disability
Staff members who are disabled and unable to work for a period exceeding 3 months are encouraged to contact the Benefits Office for assistance regarding the University's long-term disability benefit program.

7.7 Other Leaves of Absence
Staff members who do not meet the eligibility requirements for a leave under FMLA may request an unpaid leave of absence. Such leave is granted at the discretion of the supervisor and has no guarantee of job protection. Employees must have exhausted vacation and sick leave and must request the leave of absence in writing to their supervisor, who will review with Human Resources.

To continue benefit coverage, employees on unpaid leave must contact the Benefits office in advance. In many cases, employees make additional payments to continue benefits. All University benefits that operate on an accrual basis (vacation, holidays and paid sick days) stop accruing during the leave of absence.

A regular FT & PT employee may request an unpaid except in situations involving request for accommodations under the ADA. An employee requesting leave must discuss the leave with his/her supervisor and put the request in writing at least two weeks prior to the time they wish such leave to commence. If the personal leave is necessitated by an emergency, the employee or a member of his/her immediate family must notify the supervisor as soon as it is practical; this should be followed up with a written explanation of the nature of the leave and the expected length of absence. In such an emergency situation the written explanation must normally be submitted within three days of the beginning of the leave.
All medical requests must be accompanied by appropriate medical certification from a physician indicating the condition necessitating the leave request, the desired beginning date of absence and the projected date of return to work. If the leave request is for medical reasons, the employee may be required to provide the University with additional physician's statements attesting to the continued disability and inability to work and/or ability to return to work.


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