Staff Vacation Policy




Procedure Number: Version Number: 4
Classification: Effective Date: 7/01/2014
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


Inherent in the Saint Louis University mission is the heritage and tradition that promotes 1) the emotional, social, intellectual needs of the individual, and 2) the freedom of the individual to determine how these needs are to be met.


The University provides paid vacation so that employees can rest, rejuvenate and maintain a healthy and productive work environment.

This policy applies to all regular staff of Saint Louis University, with the exception of employees in a collective bargaining unit or employees of the Madrid campus.


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The University provides paid vacation time to eligible staff to be used however and whenever the need or desire arises, provided supervisory approval is obtained and the desired number of vacation hours have been accrued.


Managers are responsible for approving vacation time, and time keepers are responsible for accurately tracking vacation time.


7.1 Eligibility
Regular staff assigned to eligible employee classes, who are budgeted and work a minimum 40 hours biweekly or .5 FTE monthly, are entitled to vacation accrual. Vacation hours accrue each pay period and are based on hours worked during that pay period.


7.1.2 Vacation Accrual Amounts
Vacation hours will accrue each pay period and will be based on exempt or non-exempt status, length of service, and number of hours worked in that pay period. This schedule shows the annual equivalent of vacation days accrued based on 40 hours worked per week for non-exempt employees, or 1.0 FTE for exempt employees.

Vacation pay is equal to base salary exclusive of overtime or shift differential. Vacation time may be taken as time accrues at any point during the year. Staff members may carry over vacation balances from one year to the next to a maximum accrual of 200 hours.

7.1.2 Days Accrued for Years of Service

YEARS OF SERVICE 0-4 years 4+ to 9 years 9+ years
Non-Exempt Support Staff 10 15 22
Non-Exempt Professional Staff 15 22 22
Exempt Professional Staff 15 22 22
Executive Staff 22 22 22

7.1.3 Vacation Hours Accrued for Years of Service
The following hourly paid (non-exempt) employee classes accrue hours of vacation biweekly for each hour of earned pay:

Employee Class 1 to 4 years 4 + to 9 years 9+ years
31-32 Full Time; 41-42 Part Time .0385 .05775 .0846
35 Full Time Staff / Professional .05775 .0846 .0846


The following salaried (exempt) employee classes accrue hours of vacation each month based on FTE percentage:

Employee Class 1 to 4 years 4 + to 9 years
30 Full Time (salaried) 10.00 14.67
30 Executive Staff 14.67 14.67


Employees, who separate from Saint Louis University and are rehired within one (1) year, will have prior service counted for the purpose of vacation accrual.

7.2 Vacation Use

Vacation may be taken in a single continuous period, in separate weeks, in days, or in one (1) hour increments.
Selection of vacation dates is subject to the approval of the department head with preference given to longer-service employees. Vacation requests should be submitted to the department head in writing at least 10 working days prior to the vacation start date unless otherwise approved by the department head.
With the exception of time clock departments, vacation usage should be reported via Banner Self Service on either the employees' timesheet or leave report. Employees in departments that utilize time clocks should follow their department vacation request procedures.

7.3 Vacation Pay in Lieu of Time Off

Employees may not receive payment of vacation during a week in which they have already worked their scheduled hours or any other time off that exceeds scheduled hours.

7.4. Vacation Pay at Time of Separation

The balance of an eligible staff member's accrued vacation, up to a maximum of 200 hours, will be paid in the event of separation from the University. The balance, as it appears in human resources information system, will be verified by the department head before payment is made. Newly hired employees who have not completed an initial six (6) month orientation period are not eligible for vacation pay out upon termination.
Accrued vacation cannot be used in lieu of notice unless approved by management.

Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement should refer to their contract for information on vacation.


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