Work Schedule Flexibility Policy

Date Issued: 04/17/95

Date Revised: 08/01/98

While most campuses and departments have established standard business hours, these schedules vary throughout the University, depending upon the services provided. Many are finding that flexible work schedules help them provide better service to their clients without incurring the expense of overtime. More employees can be scheduled to work during peak activity periods while fewer employees are scheduled for non-peak hours. This scheduling process is workable for routine weekly operations or seasonal operational requirements.

This policy applies to all hourly paid staff of Saint Louis University. Salaried/exempt employees are not eligible for overtime or compensatory time off. Salaried employees may enjoy greater scheduling flexibility than is true for hourly-paid staff; however, the tracking of hours worked over 40 per week and the use of compensatory time is not permitted.

Supervisors are responsible for establishing and informing staff members of specific work schedules. Upon hire, employees will be advised of the work schedule to which they will be assigned and the number of hours they are to work each day and week. The information provided will include: start time; break periods, if necessary; lunch periods; and normal ending time.

When the work schedule must be changed, the supervisor will give as much advance notice as possible so that personal arrangements can be made to meet the new scheduling requirements. While the operating requirements of the department must be the primary consideration in establishing work schedules and requiring overtime, supervisors are expected to consider the personal requirements of staff members in making such decisions.

Hourly-paid employees will be advised by supervisors to record each day the actual hours worked that day. This record will include the time work begins, the time work ends each day, and the amount of time for the lunch period.

Hourly-paid staff may be required to work extra hours on a given workday. If this occurs, the supervisor may permit or require the employee to take an equal number of hours off within the same work week. Time off in lieu of overtime pay must be taken within the same work week and must have prior approval of the supervisor. SLU does not permit the accrual of compensatory time in lieu of payment for overtime; however, work schedules may be modified. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that overtime hours worked in a week be paid at the overtime rate and not carried forward to future weeks as compensatory time.