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Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits

Saint Louis University offers full-time faculty and staff medical insurance as core coverage and dental and vision insurance as voluntary coverage.

Medical Plans Through SLU

Saint Louis University offers employees two medical plan options, a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan (QHDHP) and a PPO Plus Plan. United Healthcare (UHC) is the exclusive third-party administrator of medical plan benefits for Saint Louis University employees.

Contact UHC at 800-382-4259 or on their website. You will need to register on the website using your member ID or Social Security Number to create a log-in.

As a new full-time employee, your benefits are effective as of your date of hire. In order to process your medical enrollment, please provide your dependent verification documents within 31 days of your benefits effective date. Documents should be attached to your benefits change transaction in Workday. 

Tier Clarification

The Saint Louis University employee medical plan is a three tier network:

  1. Tier 1 is for services received by SLUCare physicians and at SLUCare facilities, as well as physicians employed by SSM Health Medical Group. Only providers who are employed by SSM Health Medical Group are classified as Tier 1. When searching for providers on SSM Health Group's website, only those who are listed with a "SSM Health Medical Group" description will be covered by United Healthcare as a Tier 1 provider.
  2. Tier 2 is for services received by United Healthcare (UHC) contracted physicians, hospitals and ancillary services, such as BJC and clinics, LabCorp and hospital-based facility services and laboratories.
  3. Tier 3 is for services received at non-UHC contracted physicians, hospitals and ancillary services and therefore out-of-network.
Find a Provider

Looking for a provider? Here's how.

  • Visit the United HealthCare website to complete a UHC nationwide network physician search.
  • Find a UHC mental health or substance use provider or facility, discover community and work-life resources near you, and quickly and confidentially connect to expert guidance regarding conditions and situations that concern you at
  • SLUCare physicians can be found by visiting their website.
  • SSM physicians, including pediatricians, can be found by visiting their website.
  • MYCare is a partnership between the Benefits Office and the SLUCare Department of Family and Community Medicine to offer an enhanced wellness program exclusively for our faculty, staff and family members. The program is ideal for those who recognize the value of protecting their health and welcome the support of the health professionals best equipped to help. It is an excellent option for those who don't have a primary care physician, want to change doctors, or have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or weight problems. Contact MYCare for more information at 314-977-3500, or on their website.
  • Physical therapists serve patients who are experiencing symptoms which affect their ability to participate in the community, their employment, and/or recreation. The faculty and staff of the Saint Louis University Program in Physical Therapy provide physical therapy services at a number of locations within the SLU community. In the majority of cases, a physician referral is necessary to access physical therapy services.
  • Outpatient services are available at the Marchetti West Clinic. Staffed entirely by staff and faculty of the Program in Physical Therapy, this location is conveniently located at 3518 Laclede Ave St. Louis, MO 63103. You can contact them at 314-977-7419.
  • In order to provide better access to mental health providers, Saint Louis University Benefits has partnered with Psych Care Consultants, L.L.C. in order to provide employees and their families with additional choices in providers.
  • Under the UHC plans, LabCorp is the lab of choice for UHC members. To get the best benefit from the plans, members may utilize a LabCorp facility or any in-network hospital lab facility to have blood work drawn.

Dental Plans Through SLU

Saint Louis University offers two Delta Dental plans:

  • Option 1, Flex Option, provides the highest level of benefits as well as coverage in the PPO network, and out of the PPO network. The Flex option also includes adult and child orthodontia.
  • Option 2, Basic Plus, provides a lower level of benefits as well as coverage in the PPO network and out of PPO network. The Basic Plus option offers orthodontia for children.

Delta Dental cards are issued to new enrollees. You may order additional cards or replacement cards by calling Delta Dental at 314-656-3001 or by going online at

Participation in a Delta Dental of Missouri benefit will reduce your taxable income. Since this is a pre-tax benefit, your income is reduced by the above dental premiums prior to social security (FICA), Federal, State, and City taxes being assessed.

To search for a dentist in the PPO network, visit, and click "Subscribers" and "Dentist Search." 

2021 Dental Payroll Deductions

2020 Dental Payroll Deductions

Delta Dental PPO - Basic Plus Option Summary

Delta Dental PPO - Flex Option Summary

Vision Plans Through SLU

Saint Louis University offers a vision plan to its benefit eligible employees. The vision plan is offered through Vision Service Plan (VSP), and will provide access to coverage for eye exams, contacts, frames and lenses. Saint Louis University's VSP group number is #30051106.

VSP does not provide vision insurance ID cards. Members are not required to carry or produce a vision card for services at any of our VSP providers offices. Members  choose a VSP provider and let them know they have VSP coverage. The doctor's office will request the name of the member and/or patient name, the last four digits of the member's ID (their SSN), and VSP will take care of the rest.

As an alternative, members can download a member-specific ID cards on if they would like a card to carry in their wallets.

To confirm eligibility in VSP's system, please contact Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-877-7195.

Express Scripts Pharmacy Benefits Through SLU

Express Scripts (ESI) is the University's Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM). ESI is one of the largest Pharmacy Benefits Managers in the country, and they have an impressive record of customer satisfaction. They also have an extensive network of participating pharmacy locations.

You may view the National Preferred Formulary alphabetically by drug name to determine which medications are classified as preferred brands and how much your current prescriptions will cost.

For more information about your prescription benefits, please call ESI at 888-778-8755.

Medical plan participants will have a separate pharmacy card issued by ESI. If you have misplaced your cards, or did not receive new pharmacy cards, Express Scripts has instructions on how to obtain one. To activate an account, the employee social security number is the member ID number. Temporary ID information is available for those awaiting a new membership card, or those awaiting a replacement for a lost/misplaced card.

Additional Programs Offered Through Express Scripts

Step Therapy Programs
Step Therapy is a program that makes prescription drugs more affordable for our members and helps our organization control the rising costs of medications. In the step therapy program, drugs are grouped in categories, based on cost.
Front Line Drugs
These Step One medications are generic drugs proven safe, effective, and affordable. These drugs should be tried first because they can provide the same health benefit as more expensive drugs, at a lower cost.
Back Up Drugs

Step Two and Step Three drugs are brand name drugs such as those you see advertised on television. There are lower cost brand drugs (Step 2) and higher cost brand drugs (Step 3). Back up drugs always cost more. Step Therapy is developed under the guidance and direction of independent doctors, pharmacists and other medical experts. Find out how Step Therapy works and how it benefits you.

Select Home Delivery

ESI will reach out to our members to enroll you in the home delivery program automatically. Members may opt out of the program at anytime. If you are currently filling maintenance prescriptions at a local pharmacy, you can find out more about Home Delivery on the ESI website or by contacting the SLU Benefits Office.

Curascript Exclusive

Curascript is a specialty pharmacy that provides injectable, oral and infused specialty medications. Specialty medications are used to treat complex conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc. These complex and costly medications usually require special storage and handling and may not be readily available at your local drug store. Sometimes these medications have side effects that require monitoring by a trained pharmacist or nurse. Curascript focuses on providing these medications, while offering excellent clinical services and support to you and your caregivers. More information is available if you are currently taking a specialty medication.


Express Scripts Resources