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Staff Job Analysis and Classification

Pay is determined, in great part, by the job classification of the position occupied by an employee.

To classify jobs, Saint Louis University evaluates job duties and responsibilities to categorize jobs of a similar nature into classification descriptions and pay ranges. This position analysis system permits equitable groupings of similar jobs to determine market pay ranges.

The staff position analysis process reviews positions in terms of compensable factors. These factors relate to the requirements of the job itself, not to the credentials or performance of the person in the position. The University's compensable factors include education, experience, decision making, authority, contact with others, impact, independence, visual effort, physical effort, and work environment, including any hazardous duties. Positions analyzed at a similar level of responsibility in terms of these compensable factors are placed in the same pay grade.

All staff position classification information is stored in the People Admin Position Management system. All staff position analysis results in a formalized Position Description (PD) that articulates essential job functions, position requirements, FLSA exemptions, knowledge, skills and abilities, and minimum qualifications. The PDs for staff positions are stored in the People Admin Management System and can be retrieved by department business managers. Employees are able to access their individual PD by directly logging into the People Admin System through their MySLU account.

Vacant positions or positions currently held by employees may be submitted for job reclassification or modification analysis when the duties and responsibilities of the job changes significantly (60 percent or greater). When significant change occurs, a supervisor may request classification analysis through the People Admin Position Management Module. For more information on annual timing for incumbent reclassifications, please see the University staff salary administration guidelines.

Job Analysis & Classification Process

Managers should use the People Admin Position Management system to create new staff positions or reclassify or update current staff or vacant positions. 

Step 1

Log into the People Admin Position Analysis Module to create a new PD or to reclassify/modify an existing PD.

Step 2

Complete all required fields of the PD in collaboration with internal stakeholders (i.e. supervisors, managers, director, AVP's, etc.), and submit to the relevant vice president or Provost. The vice president/Provost will approve the PD for the Human Resources compensation team analysis.

Supervisors should not release any information regarding title or salary changes to employee before this process is completed and the recommendation is approved.

To create a new position, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate a new position description.
  2. Unit vice president approval for review.
  3. Comp review/recommendation.
  4. Unit vice president approval of recommendation.
  5. Finalized position description for posting.
  6. Recruitment for position - create position requisition.

To reclassify or modify existing or vacant position:

  1. Modify/reclassify as existing position description.
  2. Unit vice president approval for review.
  3. Comp review/recommendation.
  4. Unit vice president  approval of recommendation.
Step 3

Upon receipt of the PD submission, the compensation team will review and analyze the details with the department/division Human Resources consultant. Once a classification is agreed upon, the PD will be finalized and assigned a classification title (position title, pay grade, e-class, etc.) through the People Admin Position Management system and an approval will be sent through the system to the unit vice president or Provost for final approval.

Step 4

The unit vice president or Provost will review the final PD and classification title. Once approved by the vice president or Provost, the position description is considered "active."

  • New position: position description is "active" and may be posted through the Applicant Tracking module of the People Admin.
  • Reclassified or modified position: Incumbent re-classification requires an EPAF, initiated by the department, to make the relevant changes in Banner. Vacant position reclassifications should be posted in the Applicant Tracking Module in People Admin.

Any and all questions or concerns should be directed to the compensation team at