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Check out these FAQs for questions regarding web time entry, entering time and approval.

Who uses web time entry?

Saint Louis University biweekly and monthly staff members and student employees enter their time online, with the exception of full-time and part-time faculty, graduate assistants, housestaff and employees who use time clocks.

Employees who use time clocks will continue to use the time clock system. Time clock data is transferred electronically to Banner for payroll processing. Full- and part-time faculty and graduate assistants continue to report their exception time (sick, unpaid leave, etc.) to a departmental timekeeper for entry in the Banner system.

Where can I learn how to enter my time?

Training sessions are offered. To find out more or to schedule time entry or approver training, e-mail or call 977-2470 or 977-2384.

Time approvers in many departments have received training and are available to assist employees.

How do I find the online timekeeping system?

Timekeeping is done through Banner Self-Service which can be found in MySLU.

What information do I need to enter my time online?

You need to know your Banner identification number and your pin number. The initial pin number is defaulted to your birth date. Your Banner identification number is printed on the left side of all new Saint Louis University ID cards, available from Parking and Card Services. New employees will need to present their temporary identification card to obtain a SLU identification card. 

What do I do if I can't login to Banner?

Contact the ITS Help Desk at 977-4000 for assistance with Banner Self-Service.

What are the links to "Employee Information" and "Personal Information?"
The employee information section contains your timesheet, benefit and payroll deduction information, earnings history since January 2005, leave balances, job summary since January 2005, 2005 tax form information and your listing in the campus directory. The personal information section contains your personal and SLU addresses and phone numbers, SLU email address, campus directory profile, emergency contacts, marital status name change information, Banner PIN change information and Banner security question information. 
What if I log into Banner but I am not able to bring up a time sheet?

Check with your approver, who may need to contact the payroll office for additional assistance. If you are unsure who you approver is, contact Payroll Services at 977-2384. 

When do I enter my time into Banner?

Biweekly paid employees must enter their time on a daily basis and submit their timesheet no later than the "submit by date" and time in order to be paid. Biweekly employees that do not submit their timesheets by the deadline will not be paid and will not receive payment on those hours until the next pay period.

Monthly employees who are required to submit exception time via Banner must enter exception time on a daily basis as necessary. The timesheet must be submitted no later than the "submit by date" and time indicated on the timesheet, even if the employee has no exception time to report for the period.

What do biweekly paid employees enter on their time sheets?

Biweekly employees must enter their times in and times out on a daily basis for regular paid time. For example, an hourly employee who arrives at 8 a.m. and goes to lunch at 11:30 a.m. must enter the Web system before they leave for lunch and put the time in (8 a.m.) and time out (11:30 a.m.). After entering time, that employee may click on the “save” button.

Alternatively, an employee may document time in and out throughout the day on a piece of paper or in their calendar and then enter all of the information into the online time sheet at the end of the day.

In addition to regular work time, all paid leave time (such as vacation, sick, holiday, caregiver, jury duty, etc.) must be entered into the proper categories as the leave is used. Shift differential hours, if applicable, also should be entered. If you work on a holiday when you are not regularly scheduled to do so, enter those hours in holiday bank accr-biweekly.

Contact Payroll Services at for specific information about holiday banking.

What do monthly paid employees record on their time sheets?

Monthly paid employees enter exception time only, such as vacation, sick, caregiver leave, jury duty, etc. Holiday time automatically is calculated by the Banner system and should not be entered by monthly paid employees.

Holiday banked time (hours worked on a University holiday) and holiday-banked time used must be recorded on the time sheet under holiday bank accr-MO.

Contact Payroll Services at for specific information about holiday banking.

What happens if I am required to work a holiday?

Employees who work on a University holiday will be able to bank the hours worked for that day. The time sheet includes a place to record holiday banked hours (hours worked on the holiday) for a specific day. There also is a place to record holiday banked hours used.

Contact Payroll Services at for specific information about holiday banking. 

Do I still need to get approval from my supervisor to work overtime if I am paid biweekly?

Yes, you need to review with your supervisor and receive approval if overtime work is required in your department. In accordance with wage and hour laws, Saint Louis University always pays overtime to a non-exempt employee who is required to work overtime, or whose supervisor is aware of the overtime. However, if you are planning to work overtime, or want to work overtime and your supervisor does not approve it, you should not work additional hours.

If you like to come to your desk half an hour before your official starting time, you should not be working during that time without the permission of your supervisor. If being at your desk early means that you cannot help working (the phone is ringing, visitors coming in, etc.) then you should not be sitting at your desk during non-working hours. Most departments do not have the budget to pay substantial overtime, so you should not be working overtime without the specific approval of your department.

If you are non-exempt, you are not allowed to “volunteer” your time.

As a biweekly employee, I sometimes work a shift that crosses over midnight. How should I enter those hours?
You must enter your pre-midnight hours on one day and your after-midnight hours on he next day. Save as you enter your hours. 
What does the “Copy” button do?  
The “Copy” button should not be used in reference to reporting regular paid hours. It can be used for reporting several days of sick or vacation time. If you have the same amount of hours each day and need to enter it several times, you can copy your most recent entry into other days. When done selecting the days, click “Copy” at the bottom of the calendar.
What is the “Comments” button for?
 Use this area to leave a note about your hours for your time approver, if necessary.
After I enter my hours, what should I do?

Click the “Save” button near the middle of the page.

What if I enter the wrong information on the time sheet?  

If the time sheet has not been submitted, click on the incorrect hours within the calendar. In the hours entry box, delete the old hours and enter the correct ones. Click the “Save” button.

If the time sheet has been submitted for approval, contact the department time approver who can make changes and add comments to the time sheet prior to submission to payroll. The approver also will be able to submit corrections for a prior pay period. 

What if I am sick or on vacation and can’t access the web time entry system?
You will be able to enter time in the web time sheet after you return to work, provided the time sheet “submit by” time has not passed. If your time sheet already has been submitted for approval, contact your approver who can arrange to have the time entered for you. 
When and how do I submit my time to my supervisor?
You should submit time at the end of the pay period. After logging into your timesheet, simply click the “Submit for Approval” button at the bottom of the page. Once you submit, your timesheet is locked and you cannot make further changes. 
What if I forget to submit my time sheet?

The system will not produce a paycheck for biweekly employees if your web time sheet is not submitted or approved before the system deadline, and you will not be paid those hours until the next pay check and only if your department provides required backup for that time sheet. If you forget to submit your time sheet while you are out of the office, you should access the time sheet from a computer with web access or contact your departmental approver who will coordinate with payroll to have your time entered and submitted.

Monthly paid employees receive paychecks regardless. However, if exception time was not recorded, employees should contact the payroll department to discuss changing the information. 

How can I unlock an employee's timesheet so they can make corrections and continue entering time for the period?  

Select the employee from your list of employees. Click “Return for Correction.” That same approver must then “Restart” the time sheet, which will erase all entries made by the employee. Be sure your employee knows you’ve unlocked their timecard and that they must again enter their time for the entire pay period and click “Submit for Approval” once they’ve reached the end of the pay period. 

How do I know if my biweekly employees are entering their time daily?  
On your “Department Summary” screen, you will see “Not Started” if an employee has not opened their timesheet in the current pay period. Check this regularly and require biweekly employees to enter time daily.
What if I have more questions or need clarification on something?
If you have difficulty entering or approving time, contact the ITS Customer Service Center at 977-4000 or If your question is not time-sensitive, e-mail Please include a phone number where you can be reached.
How do I make changes to our department's time approval queues?
  1.  If the person you will be adding as an approver does not have HR Banner or INB (Internet Native Banner) access then you must complete an IT security request form.
  2. Once the new approver's security access is setup, the HR security officer will notify the new approver and their supervisor so that the time approval queues can be changed. Approval queue changes cannot be made until the Banner security access has been setup. Changes to approval wueues before the Banner access is granted will result in errors on the timesheet, and denial of access to the timesheet for the employee.
  3. The department head or business manager should contact to request a current listing of their approval queue setup. The subject line of the email should contain the Banner Organization number being requested i.e.: D010, Z602, T703.
  4. The department head or business manager will receive a full list of employees in excel format with detailed instructions of how to update the list.
  5. The department head or business manager should then email the corrected excel file back to
  6. The department head or business manager will receive an email once all the changes have been made.