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Finding Your Advising Office

Primary Advising Offices
Your primary advising office is determined by your major and the college where that major is housed. Each primary advising office works closely with your individual college to better serve you as you move through your program.

For more detailed information about how the Integrated Advising and Mentoring System will work for you, please visit the website of your primary advising office.

Major Exploration Advising (University College)

College of Arts and Sciences

John Cook School of Business

College of Education and Public Service

Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology

Medical Center Advising (Doisy College of Health Sciences and the School of Nursing)

College for Public Health and Social Justice

Special Program Advising Offices

If you are an Honors student, a Pre-Law Scholar, or an older student in Student Educational Services or the Pre-Med Scholars program, you also have a special program (or "secondary") advisor assigned to you. These advisors will review special program expectations with you, but will not speak about other requirements for your chosen major. Students who are not officially in any of these programs, but are interested in them, should contact the office of interest with any inquiries.

Please note: If you are a freshman enrolled in the Student Educational Services or Pre-Med Scholars program, your primary advisor is probably located in a special programs advising office.

Honors Program

Student Educational Services

Preprofessional Health Studies


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