Saint Louis University

Role of Students

To be fully engaged in the System, students* are expected to:

  • Seek feedback and advice to make informed academic decisions
  • Be active participants in the Integrated Advising and Mentoring System
  • Create a curriculum plan which accommodates individual values, personality, abilities, and interest
  • Create a curriculum plan which takes into account current academic progress (GPA, class standing, etc.)
  • Create a curriculum plan which leads to completion of degree requirements
  • Establish communication with Academic Advisors and Faculty Mentors
  • Explore and engage in the unique opportunities available through Saint Louis University

*Not yet a SLU student?
These expectations are meant for those who are currently enrolled as a student at Saint Louis University. You will not be assigned an Academic Advisor or a Faculty Mentor until you have attended a SLU 101 orientation session. Please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admission for more information on joining the SLU community.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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