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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the names of my Academic Advisor(s) and Faculty Mentor(s)?
You can find this information by logging into Banner Self-Service and following these instructions:
1) Click on the Student tab
2) Select Student Records
3) Select View Student Information
4) Select Go to all Mentor/Advisor Listing
You may then use PeopleFinder to obtain contact information for your Advisor(s) and/or Mentor(s). 

How do I set up an appointment with my Academic Advisor and/or Faculty Mentor?
Since every office functions differently, you will need to visit Your Advising Office's website for information on how to arrange a meeting. Also be sure to pay attention to your SLU e-mail account for information from your Academic Advisor or Faculty Mentor -- and when in doubt, don't hesitate to e-mail them, too!

I never hear from my Academic Advisor and/or Faculty Mentor. What should I do?
Be sure to check your SLU e-mail account regularly, as that is the main way that both your Academic Advisor(s) and your Faculty Mentor(s) will communicate with you. If you still don't see any communication from them, take the initiative to send them an e-mail. If you continue to have problems contacting them, please visit the main office of your Advising unit (for your Academic Advisor) or your major department's office (for your Faculty Mentor) for assistance.

How often should I meet with my Academic Advisor and/or Faculty Mentor?
Your Advisor(s) and Faculty Mentor(s) are here to help you obtain the most out of your academic experience at SLU, so you should meet with them at least once per semester. Depending on your Advising unit, you may be required to meet with your Advisor more often. If this is the case, your Advisor will communicate that to you.

How can I request my Registration PIN?
It's important to read e-mails you receive from your primary Academic Advisor, as it's likely that you have been e-mailed instructions on how you can obtain your Registration PIN. If you cannot find instructions, e-mail your Academic Advisor for further information. Please note: you may not receive your Registration PIN right away, as it is generally expected that you will meet with you Academic Advisor first.

I and/or my parents don't agree with what my Academic Advisor suggests. What should I do?
When opinions from parents, faculty, and advisors seem to conflict, weighing options and reaching a choice that you're comfortable with can be difficult. Your Academic Advisor can talk with you about your options and the possible outcomes of various choices, and is also knowledgeable about complicated policies and procedures that can make a difference in your academic plan. If you think you are obtaining incorrect advice, however, please ask to speak with the supervisor of that Advising unit.

I have to register late. Will all of the classes I want/need be closed?
There will always be options, but you may not be able to obtain your first choice of classes. Be sure to look at course availability before your registration date. If a class has only 2 or 3 seats left, you should be prepared to register for an alternative course.

I cannot get into a class that I absolutely have to take. Now what do I do?
You may e-mail/visit the instructor of the closed course and ask permission to be overridden into the course. Do not expect the instructor to say 'yes.' If the instructor agrees to let you in, you will need to complete a Change of Registration Form, which will need to be processed at the Registrar's Office in DuBourg Hall 22.

I am struggling in one or more of my classes. Where can I get help?
As a SLU student, you have many resources available to you.  The Department of Academic Support specializes in providing opportunities for success. Tutoring Services, Writing Services, and Disability  Services are all available to help students navigate the difficult subject matter that you will encounter as a SLU student.

I'm thinking of dropping a class. How do I do this, and how do I know if it's the right decision?
Students may drop a class without a "W" during the first two weeks of the semester, which means that the course will disappear from your transcript altogether. It will look like you were never enrolled in the first place. After those first two weeks have passed, students still have until the end of the 10th week to drop a class and receive a "W". This means that the course will be reflected on your official transcript, but will not affect your GPA. To drop a course after the first week of the semester, you will need to complete a Change of Registration Form. Several factors can influence the decision to drop a class:

Benefits of Dropping a Course

  • Timing is important! If you drop a class during the first two weeks of the semester, the class is simply removed from your transcript. If you drop between the second and tenth week of the semester, you will receive a "W" for your grade. The "W" is a permanent part of your record, but does not affect your GPA.
  • Dropping a course is better than receiving an "F" for your final grade. An "F" is a permanent part of your record and can drastically affect your GPA.
  • If you drop a course that is very demanding, you will have more available time to work on your other courses and perhaps improve those grades.
  • If you are on a scholarship and must maintain a certain GPA, dropping a class with a low grade may be necessary in order to meet your GPA requirement.

Risks of Dropping a Course

  • Dropping a course could potentially drop your credit hour amount below 12 credit hours (which is considered full-time). This can potentially affect your financial aid, housing, and/or health insurance. Please contact Student Financial Services, Housing and Residence Life, and/or your personal insurance carrier for more information.
  • Dropping multiple courses during your time at SLU may have a negative impact on future employers and graduate schools.
  • Dropping a course that is a pre-requisite for another course could put you behind in your major, especially if the course is offered only once per year. Talk to your Academic Advisor about this risk!
  • Dropping a course affects the number of credit hours you have completed, and therefore may affect your class standing. 

I took courses outside of SLU. How do I get the transcripts sent here?
You must contact the institution where you took other coursework, and have them send an official transcript to the Registrar's Office at SLU. For more information on sending transcripts, please visit the Registrar's Office website.


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