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Student Outcomes

The Integrated Advising and Mentoring System was developed to enhance the academic experience for all undergraduate students at Saint Louis University. Full and active participation in the System will result in the following Student Outcomes:

Student Outcome (Students will…)

Community Formation

Develop a sense of connection with University and the local and global communities (e.g. professional associations and community organizations)

Develop relationships with members of their academic college/school community

Develop an awareness of academic resources available

Understand how to make the connection between classroom and out-of-classroom learning

Understand the Mission of SLU as it relates to their academic experience

Policy & Procedure

Understand the purpose of the Integrated Advising and Mentoring System

Understand the collaborative and interdependent roles of the Academic Advisor, Faculty Mentor and student

Understand their academic program requirements (core, electives, major, etc)

Understand academic policies and procedures relevant to their academic course of study

Understand requirements for graduation

Decision Making

Develop a sense of responsibility for their own educational progress

Develop an awareness of academic options and opportunities throughout SLU (i.e. certificates, symposiums, awards)

Develop the ability to make academic decisions that incorporate their values, personality, abilities and interests

Understand how to prepare for post-baccalaureate pursuits (i.e. opportunities for career, professional school, graduate school)

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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