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Major in International Business

Offered by the Saint Louis University John Cook School of Business 

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Saint Louis University International Business Program Overview 

Saint Louis University's Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in international business teaches you how the intricacies of cultural differences can impact relationships. You'll learn how communication styles, social infrastructure and work attitudes can differ by area of the world. You'll also examine how the economy, politics, pace of life, geography and government policies impact global business practices.

If you choose a concentration in international business from the John Cook School of Business, you'll explore topics such as exporting, importing, foreign direct investment, foreign licensing, international services and global transactions of products or services. You will also be encouraged to study abroad. Study abroad options that complement a concentration in international business range from countries where you can stay a full-semester to shorter experiences of seven to 10 days. (Learn about student abroad programs at SLU.)

What You'll Learn in SLU's International Business Program

Students in the John Cook School of Business' international business concentration fulfill the requirements for the B.S. in business administration degree from Saint Louis University. You will also take International Business 200 and 15 credit hours of international business coursework in areas such as "Geopolitics of World Business," and "International e-Business." Twelve credit hours of foreign language courses are required to graduate with a concentration in international business.

International business students at SLU have the opportunity to complete internships for credit (up to three academic hours can be approved in advance). Business majors may complete the international business supporting area of study in addition to another chosen area of concentration. (See the fact sheet for this program for more details.)

What Can You Do With a Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in International Business from SLU?

Students who graduate with a concentration in international business from SLU manage multinational corporations and financial institutions. You can go on to work with foreign operations or government institutions involved in global trade and finance, or work in foreign service.

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